It Just Wasn’t Quite Ready

By Bethany Theulen

While taking Mindset Mastery and working on my Phase II goal, I was focusing on an area of business. I had felt prompted to reach out to an acquaintance about an idea I had for the business I wanted to create. I pitched her my idea and thoughts and she loved it. I explained to her that I was in the middle of moving and wasn’t quite yet ready to roll out this idea, and she said that was fine, and to get back with her in the next month or so when I was ready.

When I was ready to move forward, I messaged her, but I did not get any response. My old thought patterns took hold, and I immediately assumed she had changed her mind. I felt a lot of discouragement set in. However, I was able to secure another client for my business that ended up being a large blessing for me.

Several months later I met up with this same woman at a business conference, and she mentioned we should still talk about my ideas again. We had a virtual meeting about a week later, and we realized that there was an opportunity for us to collaborate on what I am doing and what she was doing. I found out during that meeting that during the time I had messaged her, and I had not received a response, she was going through some family stuff. I realized it was never about me, and I also realized that my original prompting had, in fact, been an inspired thought. The collaboration and the space where my ideas and her venture would meet wasn’t quite ready all those months ago.

The whole process just needed some additional gestation time. I was grateful for the reminder that sometimes things don’t work out as expected, but that has nothing to do with whether or not the seed was a good seed. If I am inspired and feel the Lord is guiding me in my ventures, then just holding onto that belief is enough. Every worthy goal that is consecrated by the Lord will eventually reach its full gestational state. There is no need to doubt, worry, or try and force it. It will happen as we focus each day on just the next right step.


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