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Rare Faith – Responding vs Reacting

NEW! Talk to a Human Responding vs. Reacting Hi Reader! The Law of Relativity states that nothing is good or bad, big or small, pretty or ugly, until you relate it to something else. Understanding this principle can help you experience better outcomes as you respond to hardships rather than

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Rare Faith – Drama Incinerated

NEW! Talk to a Human Drama Incinerated Hi Reader! Maybe you’re wondering why it’s taken me so long to post an update on my journey to health. Well, during the last two rounds I’ve found myself thinking… Read more here… Beyond Imagining and Feeling One of our students posted a

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Rare Faith – Choosing a Goal in the middle of Chaos

NEW! Talk to a Human Choosing a goal in the middle of chaos Hi Reader! One of our Guided Mindset Mastery students sent a message years ago and asked me to keep it private. But recently, she gave me permission to share it after all. She had been battling some

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Miracles Made Simple – Applications due soon

Hi Reader, I’m accepting applications for my 6-month Miracles Made Simple program through next Friday night, July 21st. So… If you’ve been thinking about joining me in the Miracles Made Simple program but have not yet submitted your no-obligation application… Click here to apply now Applications due Friday, July 21

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Rare Faith – Divine Timing

+Video NEW! Talk to a Human Divine Timing Hi Reader! Some things can only be understood in hindsight, after the long wait is finally over. This was particularly true for one reader who shares how she discovered WHY the delay (and her unanswered prayer) was actually a blessing in disguise…

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