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Rare Faith – It’s the Absence of Doubt

Choosing the Positive Thoughts Hi Reader, Patricia wrote: “While everyone slept, I calmly moved everything, pulled the carpet …and looked for air mover rentals. … I was calm, and consequently, [my husband] was not upset. I remember having a thought, ‘So…I can let this ruin our pool party tomorrow, or

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Reply and tell me why…

Hi Reader, If you would love to be a part of my 12-month weekly coaching program but did NOT apply, reply and tell me WHY. Because… An interesting thing happened this week: I was getting ready to close my Achieving the Impossible program when one of our approved applicants needed

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Rare Faith – Achieving the Impossible

“no way…” [VIDEO] The Impossible Goal – “No way…” Hi Reader, Fun story. For each BINGO row completed, the participants were invited to pick a prize from the basket. The contents of the basket were kept secret, and the only way to discover what was inside, was to get BINGO.

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Achieving the Impossible – Applications due Weds

Hi Reader, Time is short! I’ll be accepting applications for my 12-month Achieving the Impossible program through Wednesday night. If you’ve been thinking about my 12-month Achieving the Impossible program and have not yet submitted your application… Click here to apply now I look forward to learning about you and

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Achieving the Impossible – Expires soon

Tell a friend! Hi Reader, This video expires Wednesday, Oct 12 Come find out how to be “Achieving the Impossible” in your life. Watch the video FREE​​​​​​ and I’ll show you how “impossible” goals become possible. If you’re ready to move mountains in your life, don’t miss it! Click here

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Rare Faith – It’s worth gold.

It’s worth gold. Hi Reader, Jamie fully recovered from Stage lV kidney disease, depression, and cardiovascular disease in her early twenties through personal inspiration and mercy from God. Then she went on a short sabbatical of healthy living in 2018, found herself very ill again in 2019, and at death’s

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