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Rare Faith – Magically Perfect

Magically Perfect Hi Reader, Dawn writes: “Sometimes, I mistakenly think that I can take a course, or read a book, or complete a difficult task, and I will magically become perfect. POOF! Then I discover, while I may have improved a little or sometimes dramatically, I am still just a

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Genius Bootcamp – next week ONLINE!

this was unexpected Hi Reader, Back when this whole Genius Bootcamp thing started, I never expected to say what I’m about to tell you now… Remember when my husband and I generated 43k with only about $200 in the bank, maxed out credit cards, and no paycheck in sight? It

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Intro to Mindset Mastery – FREE Webinar

This Saturday! Intro to Mindset Mastery FREE Webinar! Saturday July 9 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET Free one-hour training with Leslie Householder and Michelle Taylor __________ Hi Reader, If you’ve been curious about the Mindset Mastery program and are ready to take a closer

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Rare Faith – Stepping In

Stepping In by Rare Faith Programs Facilitator Michelle Taylor Hi Reader, Have you ever felt led to move forward into doing something that caused you a lot of fear and trepidation, but knew that if you just moved forward it could be something completely amazing? I am sure most of

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Rare Faith – When have I done enough?

When have I done enough? Hi Reader, I had the mindset that I could do anything, and that there was no such thing as doing “too much”. I didn’t always know how to temper my ambitions, because frankly, they helped me achieve some things that I was pretty happy about.

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Mindset training for YOUTH

Beta Testers Wanted! “If only my kids could understand these principles! Do you have a program for children?” Hi Reader, After you experience a personal shift from learning and applying the laws, naturally you want to share it with those you love most. Parents know the laws would benefit their

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