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Rare Faith – One Master

One Master Hi Reader, I started a journal entry nearly four years ago and finally finished it this morning. How was I going to explain that I almost quit this work again, after I had already taken a really long sabbatical? If you’re being pulled in too many directions and

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Rare Faith – About Self-Doubt

and a FREE class tomorrow About Self Doubt… Hi Reader, New Honors Graduate Leslie Williams writes: “I have been ‘picturing what I want’ as far as the life I desire to live … I’ve been holding onto these things for a while… [but] … “One day I was reading a

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Google Calendar

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Stop wishing for more sales and do this instead

Hi Reader, Did you ever dream of becoming a salesperson as a kid? Me neither. But… Sales are learned, and can be learned by ANYBODY. Being successful in sales can give you more freedom. It allows you to determine what you want your income to be, and go after it.

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