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Hi Reader,

I started a journal entry nearly four years ago and finally finished it this morning. How was I going to explain that I almost quit this work again, after I had already taken a really long sabbatical?

If you’re being pulled in too many directions and think YOU might snap…

Read this…


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“I have just completed the Guided Mindset Mastery course. I have Seriously Loved this course! Of all the trainings and classes I have participated in, this has been my Favorite! … it has been more hands on. I have loved the assignments … and I have loved actually putting what I was learning, into action, now!

“…I honestly have felt a shift in my whole being, toward deeper faith and a deeper understanding of how and why I am truly able to attract ANYTHING I desire! It encouraged me to simplify and find, at my core, what I truly desire in my life. Then I learned the universal principles and laws, set in place, for me achieve these. It is like I have had an, almost completed puzzle, but I was missing a few key pieces to make it all hold together. …

“I have also realized that I have been, unconsciously, hap-haphazardly, using the Laws of Abundance, unknowingly, for almost my whole life! Seriously! My whole life! I have been VERY successful in attracting both Good AND Bad, using these laws … and not really understanding why things were working like they were. My brain loves the “why” question and this class has answered them!

“Finally there is a peace in my mind, because the answers are there, already set and ready to access. I’m not sure I can completely put into words how this has changed, but I feel it. I am no longer ‘throwing mud at a wall’. I have dependable and consistent laws to intentionally follow to ‘hit the target’ every time. And if I have done All I Can Do and have applied all of the applicable laws, and it does not work as I desire, I no longer need to feel like a ‘failure’. I can surrender, knowing, honestly, this has been ‘perfect for my learning and growth’.

“I can move forward with a Clear understanding that Father in Heaven has something else in the works! I actually have a deeper Gratitude for All things!” – Patricia Hansen, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate


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How to Surrender, and Why You’d Want to (podcast)

With effective goal achievement, there comes a point where it’s time to “let go”, or “surrender”, because if you try to force it, your persistence can backfire. This podcast is an excerpt from a personal coaching call with me and a client, who graciously allowed this to be made public so that it can help others who have similar questions.
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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