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Rare Faith – “Worried about my child”

Can Rare Faith help? “Worried about my child” Hi Reader, Today’s question comes from an anonymous subscriber who writes: “How would you suggest one would continue to use the laws you teach when dealing with the loved ones? For example, a child that isn’t sure they want to serve a

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Rare Faith – Flip Chicks for the Win

A real-life Portal to Genius story Flip Chicks for the Win (a real-life Portal to Genius story) Hi Reader, A year ago, Lisa was in the middle of an important meeting and got some difficult news from one of her sons. She said: “I am naturally optimistic, but [it] led

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Rare Faith – I prayed for twins

“I prayed for twins” Hi Reader, It was time for Kristi to apply for graduation. I noticed that unlike the other students, she did not post her Phase 2 goal in the Facebook group. I learned in her application why she felt impressed to keep it private. Her goal was

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“I prayed for twins”

Meet Kristi Dugan. I first met Kristi when she joined us for our Sales School in September, 2021. She was sharp and eager to learn, and by putting her training to the test, she became one of our top sellers. To share some of what she was learning, she posted

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Be part of the miracle tonight

Reader, This starts tonight! Life is really hard for a lot of people right now. And I’m not just talking about people feeling down-and-out. I’m talking about people who have unmet needs, unfulfilled desires, people who may not even appear to be struggling. Maybe you’re one of them, or maybe

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Rare Faith – From Butterflies to Paid-off Cars

& a love story What If? (A new kind of love story) Hi Reader, Rare Faith is not just for paying bills. It’s also for healing relationships. Christine divorced, and later remarried the same man. This is her story… “For those of you who may be struggling in your marriage,

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