Rare Faith – I prayed for twins

“I prayed for twins”

Hi Reader,

It was time for Kristi to apply for graduation. I noticed that unlike the other students, she did not post her Phase 2 goal in the Facebook group.

I learned in her application why she felt impressed to keep it private. Her goal was to have twins, and it was too soon to reveal publicly the outcome of her experiment…

Read her story here…


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“2013 … was right around the time when my wife and I were starting to feel the stirrings of wanting to do and become something more – what ultimately, after several iterations of trial and error, became Blomberg Music Productions.

“What amazes me is that at the time Kathryn and I started dreaming, we had NO IDEA that we would be sitting here today with a professional life that revolves around serving the Lord through music.

“We have amazing colleagues, associates, clients and friends who have become like family to us. We have inspiring projects of truly monumental scope – musically and spiritually. …

“[T]he Lord was already planning these things while we were just starting to dream. Truly, He is preparing every blessing for us before we can see it.

“Music doesn’t just give me happiness, fun and an incredible career. It gives me meaning. It gives me growth. It gives me an extended family of brothers and sisters. It gives me hope for this nation and this world.

“What might this mean for you? Believe in your dreams. The road might be long (it has been for us), but one day you’ll turn a corner. … This is your Heaven – right here and right now. You are already in the middle of the most amazing blessings you could ever imagine – you just may not be seeing it all yet. …

“I wish you could see all the blessings and miracles the Lord is working in your life, right here and right now. Don’t wait to be grateful until you see them. Trust that they are already in your midst. Because they are.

“…Guess what else was going on in 2013? We read The Jackrabbit Factor. Coincidence? Absolutely not. Thank you again.” – Daniel Blomberg, Mindset Mastery student, 2015


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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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