Flip Chicks for the Win (a real-life Portal to Genius story)

I recently received the following message from one of my readers and just had to share it. Lisa wrote:


I’m sitting here on a beautiful Saturday morning reading Portal to Genius and had the thought I needed to write to thank you, and express what a blessing your teachings have been to our family.

A year ago February, I was in the middle of an important meeting and got a message from one of my sons to call him when I was done. This sort of message rarely brings with it good news, and this was no exception. I found out my daughter had fallen into a black hole spiritually and physically and the grief and distorted sense of failure overwhelmed me.

I am naturally optimistic, but [it] led me to seek even more determined ways to find joy in the midst of sorrow. I just couldn’t weep and wring my hands over what had happened—something I had no control over—and needed to find reasons to find hope and faith for my own life.

A few months later, a young family friend came to visit and told me that as part of his work, all employees were asked to read a few books including The Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures.

I bought the books and so did a couple of my grown children. I remember texting one son to say, “Wow. There are some profound truths in this.” We all talked about them with excitement and started to feel a sense of optimism return to our lives.

I won’t go into every detail, but each of us were embarking on new paths. New careers, changes in seasons of life, exciting opportunities and ideas were coming to light, and we all needed to lead with faith rather than fear.

Obviously satan (I lower case his name on purpose to diminish him) and the world offer dim views, and we needed help remembering and expecting what was possible. We needed to “pour gas on the fire” of the great things that could come to pass, rather than obsess over what we might lose.

As I continued to talk with this friend who told me about the books, he said:

“My supervisor said that if we read these books, within a year’s time we’d either have lost 10 pounds or be making twice what we were the year before.”

Funny enough, it had been a few months since we’d read and been thinking in the ways we’d learned, and I was able to say, “Well, I’ve lost 20 pounds and my husband just bought his second business, so by this time next year, we’ll be making twice what we were previously.”

But even more importantly, last summer I went on a watershed tour to discuss conservation efforts as part of my job as a member of City Council. I knew where we stood with drought conditions and how necessary it was to make changes in our water use for posterity’s sake.

As I was touring, they discussed the need for converting parking strips to low and no water landscaping. I said, “Somebody needs to do that as a business.” The tour guide said, “I really wish they would. We get calls every day and can’t tell them where to go. Normal landscaping companies don’t want to bother with such a small job and they’re charging up to $11,000.”

So I took hold of the rabbit ears and offered it to every person I could think of who might want this incredible idea because I was no landscaper. I’m a writer, a community leader, a decorator, a homemaker, a grandma…I think the last time I mowed our lawn was never. Plus I like high heels and jacquard, not boots and t-shirts.

So I offered and I offered and everybody said, “What a great idea” and kept on walking past, eyes down looking for ‘brown paper bags’.

A day or two later as I was vacuuming, I thought,

“Why am I trying to give this away? Why can’t I do this? This rabbit was given to me by a loving Heavenly Father and He wants me to enjoy it!”

And that’s how it all began.

This past week our web page went live and I have 16 bids lined up and five jobs ready to start this week. And my two children who are co-owners with me… the two children I’ve anguished over because of shattered souls and self worth, are the two who now have a renewed sense of wellness, purpose and hope.

And when I get burdened with doubt (because minions have a job to do and they do it well), I know that I can re-read chapters and stories from your writings to remember that God has amazing abundance for me and I am not meant to live beneath my privilege in order to “be humbled” as I’ve mistakenly convinced myself.

So thank you. As trite as that sounds. You are a tool in His hands and I expect to give you updates of success and wonderful progress as we continue to remember who we are and what we’re capable of.


Lisa Bingham, Flip Chicks Landscaping
Syracuse, Utah

PS— I know that creating these books was no small feat. Just putting words to paper takes far more effort than most people realize, let alone the process of refinement and cohesion.

Well, suffice it to say, her message made my day. I hope you’ve been as inspired by her story as I was.

Here are some examples of the work her company is now doing to help beautify their community and conserve water:


When I finally had an opportunity to respond to her I said, “I would love to put at least some excerpts of your story in my blog. I was looking for something to share in my newsletter tomorrow and this would be perfect. … I will include the link to your website (super fun site, by the way!), and will remove the details about your kids unless I hear back from you with permission to keep those parts in there. The more you’re willing to let me keep, the more my readers will relate with it and be strengthened. The article can always be updated or even removed at any time if you’re not comfortable with it. I could also make the whole thing anonymous, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t mind the exposure for your business. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be working on the newsletter more tomorrow morning … Please let me know how you feel about all this!”

She replied:

Leslie, I’d be delighted to have you share my letter. Also, feel free to include anything you’d like about my children. I think there are many people who are anxious and worried about their children’s mental stability these days. And as my mother told us, “I’ve never liked anyone better because they pretended to be perfect.” I love reading about people getting better. It gives me hope.

I’m grateful Lisa was willing to share her story. She did an excellent job ‘seeing’ the rabbit, and taking action. Opportunities are everywhere for those whose eyes are open to see them. Learning about the principles is one way to open your eyes and find ways to finally achieve your dreams.

Lisa is a great example of someone doing just that!


Shortly after including this post in my newsletter this morning, I received this message from another student, sharing with permission:

I’m DYING! This is my cousin Lisa! And I’m meeting with her tomorrow. I had no idea she was a Rare Faith participant, and I’m so happy that she is. Moreover, I’m meeting with her SON to discuss my own “portal to genius” idea that has come to me in the past month. Now I won’t have to worry about explaining my process, and I know their whole family is already understanding the principles. It’s too exciting for words.
I can’t believe it. I mean, I can. Because believing is seeing. You posted this on the perfect day.
Thanks, Leslie.
Jennifer Griffith


Leslie Householder

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