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A real-life Portal to Genius story

Flip Chicks for the Win (a real-life Portal to Genius story)

Hi Reader,

A year ago, Lisa was in the middle of an important meeting and got some difficult news from one of her sons. She said:

“I am naturally optimistic, but [it] led me to seek even more determined ways to find joy in the midst of sorrow. I just couldn’t weep and wring my hands over what had happened—something I had no control over—and needed to find reasons to find hope and faith for my own life…”

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“I can’t thank you enough for the work you do!! I’ve listened to all of your books and every single podcast episode. … Anyway, thank you for heeding God’s call…” – Candice

“[Portal to Genius is] a wonderful adaptation of how the laws introduced in ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ effect long term life goals, and how you will eventually see the fruits of your labors of thought! An easy read, or listen to. I got the Audible version. It was good to see how the characters moved past their inhibitions and hesitancies, and also a great show of how to jump (or the circumstances around the jump moments when they come) and how amazingly they paid off! Thank you Leslie and Trevan!” Emmy Amick

“Brilliant! Profound! Practical! Inspired and inspiring! Where were you, Leslie Householder, when I so desperately needed to read, ‘The Jackrabbit Factor?’ …With my most sincere thanks and appreciation…” ~ Julian Kalmar, author of “Happiness: The Highest Gift.” TheHappinessFormula.com


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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

Leslie Householder

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