“I prayed for twins”

Meet Kristi Dugan.

I first met Kristi when she joined us for our Sales School in September, 2021. She was sharp and eager to learn, and by putting her training to the test, she became one of our top sellers. To share some of what she was learning, she posted the following to invite others to discover the power of their thoughts for themselves.

It started with a quote and a link to a story. She wrote:

I love this story!! (click image to read it) I’m sincerely working on improving my mindset.

Have you read The Jackrabbit Factor? I absolutely love the principles it teaches for finding success and wealth in life sooner than you think is possible.

It has sincerely changed the direction my husband Cory and I are going in life and made such a positive difference! I can’t recommend it enough.

The author Leslie Householder says “Mindset Matters.” That’s truer than most people realize.

Do you know your mindset? They recently came up with a way to measure it. … The results were fascinating. I wish I’d scored a bit higher, but I’m a work in progress 😉

Long story short, Kristi earned some pretty nice paychecks last fall.

Later, she joined the Guided Mindset Mastery program to help take her goal achievement skill to the next level. What she accomplished there was nothing short of a miracle.

It’s now my pleasure to introduce Kristi Dugan as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate! We are SO excited about her growth and success.

As always, whenever someone applies for graduation, I have some questions:

Q. What was your Phase 1 experiment (the inconsequential goal)?

Kristi replied:

For my inconsequential goal …I chose a fun idea. I wanted to get a bag of hand-me-down or give-away clothes. I imagined pulling out cute, fun and useful items for my kids, and even something for myself.

I have no control over whether or not someone will give me clothes, but that’s what I chose to believe was coming to me.

We went to a party at our friends house … and when I got there, she said, “oh, these are for you.” And handed me a bag of clothes! It was exactly like I’d imagined!!!

It works guys! It works!

When I looked through it, it was mostly cute stuff for my girls. But there were actually a couple of cute tops that I kept! That was pretty cool. I didn’t mention to her or others that I was manifesting a bag of clothes.

What a great experiment! The point of the Mindset Mastery Phase 1 goal is to have some fun success, while learning the repeatable thought-process that will get you from just about any point A to point B.

However, some people feel uncertain when attempting the Phase 1 experiment, because they’re accustomed to the feeling of not having a whole lot of control over their results, and they’re afraid to fail.

Some hesitate because they don’t want to make the attempt on something that maybe they shouldn’t want. 

That’s why we go into the experiment very clear about its intention. I have the students choose something “inconsequential”, not to be overly frivolous or self-serving, but with the sole purpose of TESTING the principles on something that really doesn’t matter if it happens or not.

The point is to experiment with and learn a skill that they will eventually be able to apply to more worthy, meaningful causes, such as life’s problems, or to dreams that God planted in their hearts to inspire and motivate them to achieve their highest potential.

So once Phase 1 has given students a little practice, Phase 2 is where they apply what they learned to a goal that is more challenging, meaningful, or important.

Phase 2 is where Kristi’s story took a monumentous turn.

First of all, as she was moving into Phase 2, the opportunity to train to become a Rare Faith Program Facilitator caught her attention. But after prayerful consideration, she decided the timing wasn’t quite right. In her words:

January 27, 2022

Hi Leslie, I have really wanted to do the Facilitator course, but I’m now expecting baby #9 (I’m actually praying it’s twins) and I’m due in mid September. I’m hoping that in the future I will be able to join your facilitator family, but I don’t think this time will work out for me. …

I know you said this may be your last class; I hope I can somehow still join you at some point.

She continued by updating me on her Mindset Mastery course progress, explaining how it helped her in her marriage:

I just finished the bonus material for week 13. [It] was exactly what I needed to hear! God has been telling me to slow down and just BE for a while now. I want to go go go and do do do, because I know I CAN!  … [My husband and I] seem to have the same goals but I want him to speed up and he wants me to slow down.

I can’t speed him up, but I can slow myself down.

Thank you, thank you, I really appreciate that information. I got so much out of the course, but I believe that was most important [piece] for me right now. 😊

I replied, “Congratulations on your pregnancy! Don’t worry about the facilitator program, you are busy creating a human or two!! If it’s meant to be, another opportunity will open up later. ❤

Three weeks later, it was time for Kristi to apply for graduation. I noticed that unlike the other students, she did not post her Phase 2 goal in the Facebook group. I learned in her graduation application why she felt impressed to keep it private. Her goal was to have twins, and it was too soon to reveal publicly the outcome of her experiment. She (privately) explained in her application:

I prayed for twins. I talked to their spirits and I imagined holding a pair of babies in my arms. Before I got pregnant I prayed for twins each night.

I found out I was pregnant in January and I was very excited, but I had to just keep believing that it would be twins. I wouldn’t know for a while.

I only told my husband and mom. I didn’t tell my class facilitator or anyone else.

It definitely ranks a 10 [in difficulty] because I have no control at all over how many babies God sends. I was not using any type of fertility treatment.

Did you notice how careful she was in deciding who she told about her goal? Sometimes goals are too sacred or delicate to share too freely. Faith can be a powerful, but fragile force. (I encourage students to use their intuition to know when to keep their goals and dreams to themselves, and when it is proper, appropriate, or inspired to share them with others for enlisting external support.)

Then she said it. I could hardly believe what I was reading… but then again, I wasn’t entirely surprised, either. Printed right there on the form were the words:

I found out this morning I AM pregnant with twins!!!!!

Honestly, I didn’t feel like her application summary did the news justice. So, I was glad when she also messaged me directly:

Leslie, I just applied for graduation! I didn’t tell my facilitator my “real” consequential goal because it felt too private, but I’ll tell her now! I prayed for months before I got pregnant that I would have twins.

Today I had an ultrasound and I AM indeed pregnant with twins!!! Prayer and mindset mastery works!!!!

I went in with the hope of twins but had surrendered to the idea of just one. I’m still in a bit of shock! I know and have known these principles work, but this is just so incredibly amazing!

Naturally, I was wowed and told her so. I was also feeling a little hesitant to celebrate too prematurely, so I decided to just follow her lead:

“Would you be okay with having this included in your spotlight? How far along are you? It might be a while before the spotlight goes out. Sometimes it takes a few months.”

Sure, in a few months, I’ll be okay with sharing. I haven’t told anyone but my mom, sister, and midwife. And my husband of course. He said, “Wow! Prayers work!” 😆

I’ll be announcing that it’s twins when I find out their genders. I prayed for girls, so I’ll keep you posted. I believe I have received what I asked for.

I’m 9 1/2 weeks. So by the end of April I should know the genders and make my announcement.

The ultrasound tech asked why we were checking for multiples. I said, “I don’t have a history of multiples but I prayed for twins so I just want to see.” She was pretty shocked!

I replied, “I love that! Okay, I will wait for updates. I’m curious, did you imagine being told you have twins, birthing twins, or raising twins? Which part was easiest to see?”

All of that. I imagined holding them, seeing two at the ultrasound, birthing them comfortably, telling my other children. I think holding them was easiest to see, feel, and get emotional about.

A few months went by and honestly, I was almost afraid to ask…

April 11, 2022

“Hi Kristi, I was just preparing your MM graduation spotlight and wanted to check in and see how you are doing? You had said that you were going to wait to make announcements until end of April, so I will hold off a little longer, but would love to hear from you when you are able.”

She replied pretty quickly:

Thank you. I’m doing well. I find out the gender on Thursday. I will be announcing it to my family on the 24th.

I responded, “I’ll be excited to share your update when it is appropriate. Keep me posted!”

April 14, 2022

Three days later Kristi messaged me again:

It’s twin boys. 😂 5 boys 5 and under! Wow! I was hoping for girls, but I trust God knows what he’s doing. 😊

Notice how she accepted the outcome without a fuss, and without overthinking whether or not she did something “wrong” in her failed request for girls. That’s part of the Rare Faith way. We envision, hope for the outcomes we desire, and do all in our power to succeed, simply to avoid being the limiting factor in what is possible.

This is so that if it doesn’t happen the way we want, we can be at peace knowing that at least WE weren’t the reason it didn’t happen. From there, we can be grateful for a wise Father in Heaven who knows what’s best for us.

So, in your goal achievement endeavors, picture what you want, and then be prepared to receive it just as you envisioned, or something better. If it doesn’t turn out the way you hope, choose to believe that (for whatever reason), it IS better. That’s the Rare Faith way.

Imagine my thrill when Kristi sent me pictures.

Introducing Kristi’s little boys:

Still amazed by her story, I said, “Wow!!! … I am so happy for you! Is it okay for me to share your story yet, or are you still waiting a bit to make it public?”

After keeping it a secret for two and a half months, she was finally ready.

You can now share! Thank you so much Leslie!

It seemed almost trite to go to the rest of the graduation questions after hearing about her miraculous news. Nevertheless, she did have more to say. Here’s where we get a glimpse into some of the mindset struggles she worked through.

Q. Did you face a fear during assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

She named three very specific fears that she had to consciously manage:

1) My fear was that my husband would go back to work at a 9-5 job and that we get back in debt and never are able to fulfill our life’s dream and missions and we aren’t able to serve the Lord when he calls. I was able to sit with that, follow it from the beginning to the end of the worst case scenario and surrender to that and allow the fear to melt away. I realized even if that happened, we could still serve, maybe not in any capacity, but in some capacity and find joy.

2) I also was afraid of finding out I was pregnant with just one baby.

3) I had to let go of my desire to never let my husband feel like a failure or not succeed! I want to protect him from hardships (more than my kids for some reason.) I had to stop trying to save him and control him/his outcome. We are doing so much better.

When I asked her:

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

She said:

Don’t resist it! Lean into it, choose it. It’s not as bad as you think, and it gets even better!

In the end, she wrapped things up by telling her friends:

I took a course called Guided Mindset Mastery from Leslie Householder (Author of The Jackrabbit Factor) and I absolutely loved it.

It was 12 weeks and it helped me in incredible ways! I believe I can accomplish anything when I tune in and comply with universal laws. I’ve seen miracles happen! You really can manifest what you desire in life! God wants you to work with him, to have faith that He can do all things. What you want, wants you!

I would recommend the course to anyone who is ready to take a new and more powerful direction in life!

Thank you Kristi for sharing your successes with us, and encouraging others to discover what is possible for them, too. Well done, completing the course with honors is no small task!! :slight_smile: And a HUGE congratulations on your pregnancy with twins!


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