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Rare Faith – The lease ended early – YIKES!

The lease ended early – YIKES! Hi Reader! One of my FB friends has given me permission to share his inspiring update with you. (In his words, “Photo [above] added, not for the sake of context, but to feed the algorithm monsters.”) ;D Personally, I was inspired because of the

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Reply and tell me why…

Hi Reader, If you would love to be a part of my 12-month Achieving the Impossible coaching program starting June 14th at 12pm PT, but did NOT apply, reply and tell me WHY. Because… We have some scholarship funds looking for a home! Achieving the Impossible registration closes soon, but

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Rare Faith – Springboards, not Roadblocks

“I decided to be there” Springboards, not Roadblocks Hi Reader! Jennifer Griffith is an award-winning, bestselling author of over twenty novels who joined the Mindset Mastery program to help her overcome some difficult challenges and achieve her next-level goals. She explained: “Last year, I lost my mother to stomach cancer

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Achieving the Impossible – Applications due soon

Hi Reader, Time is short! I’ll be accepting applications for my 12-month Achieving the Impossible program through next Wednesday night, June 7th. If you’ve been thinking about my 12-month Achieving the Impossible program and have not yet submitted your no-obligation application… Click here to apply now I look forward to

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Rare Faith – Wait, What?? (Round 5) The Curve Ball

+ when gestation is long Wait. What?? (Round 5) The Curve Ball Hi Reader! We were expecting great news at my last doctor’s appointment! But instead, this happened. The doctor threw me a curve ball… Read more here… When Gestation is LONG “Finding a home in the location we were

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When Gestation is LONG

Meet Lucetta Lilly! Please join me in congratulating her on her Mindset Mastery Graduation. Lucetta did an amazing job practicing Rare Faith through a long gestation period, and I am pleased to spotlight her progress and share her story. As usual, I had some questions for her: Q. What was

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