Rare Faith – The lease ended early – YIKES!

The lease ended early – YIKES!

Hi Reader!

One of my FB friends has given me permission to share his inspiring update with you. (In his words, “Photo [above] added, not for the sake of context, but to feed the algorithm monsters.”) ;D

Personally, I was inspired because of the way he rolled with life’s punches. He wrote:

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve had QUITE the moving experience. LITERALLY!!!

“Three weeks ago, the Property Management Company with whom we renewed our lease in April reached out to us, telling us the homeowners wanted to move back in to the house, thus ending our lease 10 months early.

“YIKES!! So, into hustle mode we went….We toured some places, filled out some applications, got approved, then unapproved for houses (others signed leases quicker than we could), then finally got a place we liked.

“The last 5 days of packing…And hauling…And ‘sort of’ unpacking…And a couple visits to Urgent Care because my wife is trying to deliver a bouncing baby kidney stone (this too shall pass…eventually )…Have all been that ‘moving’ experience referenced above.

“But last night, we turned over the keys to the old house and we’re officially in the new place. Yeah, it’s one of the risks that come with renting, but being the nomad I am, renting means when it’s time to pull up stakes and head out on the next adventure, it’s a heck of a lot easier to do.

“Anyway, we’ll be back to our routine in the coming days, and laughing about the things life throws our way, and laughing harder about the fact that we get to CHOOSE how we respond to those things.

“Tony Robbins is famous for the saying ‘Life happens FOR me, not TO me.’ And I wholeheartedly agree, because sometimes life throws us curveballs, and we GET to CHOOSE whether we’re going to let it hit us right in the body, or whether we’re going to step into the swing and knock it out of the park!!I choose to keep swinging away. …

“I hope you go out and Create a FANTASTIC Day Today and ALL Days, My Friend!!! And while you’re at it, keep swinging at those curveballs.” – Bear Bangs

Way to show us how it’s done, Bear. Thanks for the example!



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Unanswered Prayers

“…when I look back at all the times I felt like I hadn’t reached a goal, my prayers went unanswered, or the worst… I was getting it all wrong because clearly I can’t think right… Any of those times that I can remember clearly, because they meant that much to me, in hindsight I ALWAYS learned something. Sometimes I could see it was a Law of Gestation thing.

“Sometimes I learned places in my mind that were unhealed and the experience opened a pathway to healing I wouldn’t have accessed before. Many times I was supported by heavenly and earthly help, leading to friendships and love I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Most of the time though, I learned, through tiny steps, to trust my Savior and Heavenly Father in the ‘but of not’s’. …

“[T]he small goals that feel unfulfilled are forgettable over time. Think of a baby learning to walk; they fall all the time, but short of the few times they get injured and need comfort, they forget all those falls. … I have wanted, tried, BEGGED to leave Rare Faith and all the principles, because the disappointments hurt so much. But I can tell you, almost 4 years later, it’s worth it. All of it. The principles, the community, the love, the growth. It’s all worth it.” Becka River

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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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