Reply and tell me why…

Hi Reader,

If you would love to be a part of my 12-month Achieving the Impossible coaching program starting June 14th at 12pm PT, but did NOT apply, reply and tell me WHY. Because…

We have some scholarship funds looking for a home!

Achieving the Impossible registration closes soon, but I want to be sure everyone who is supposed to be a part of it has the opportunity to make it happen.

(Are you one of them?)

Do you feel like it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to join a class called “Achieving the Impossible”?

It’s kind of a funny question if you think about it, but if you’re going to EVER be a part of this program with me, training starts NOW.

Right here.

With this email.

You might have already kicked it out of your mind as IMPOSSIBLE. But what if… what if there WAS a way?

Would you LOVE to be a part of it?

The first step to achieving the impossible is to first SEE yourself achieving it, so… can you see yourself in the program with me? Stop and do that for a moment.

Doors begin to open and ways begin to emerge when you take that first step.

In this deep-dive study into the Rare Faith principles, that is something we will be doing a LOT of together. I can’t wait to work with this next small, ambitious, dedicated group of goal achievers who are ready to change their impossible INTO possible.

Because I know we’ll be witnessing powerful shifts together this year.

So, again:

If you would love to join me but did NOT apply, REPLY and tell me WHY!

This next whole year of weekly coaching starts Weds June 14 at 12pm PT. We have some spots still open and my final decisions will be made next week, so it’s not too late to be considered.

But to help me process your application quickly (since time is short!) – do these three things right away:

  1. Reply to this email
  2. Submit the short Program Application
  3. If you need scholarship funds, also submit the Scholarship Application

I’ll be reviewing program applications for a few more days and this message is going out to hundreds of people who have already expressed interest in achieving the impossible, but who knows? Maybe there’s a reason YOU are supposed to be in this session.

If something is pulling at you right now, do it. There is NO obligation to apply – let’s just find out if it’s right for you.

What our students are saying:

“Achieving the Impossible … has been really amazing. I’ve learned and applied these laws and principles before, but the weekly reading and meetings take the understanding and application of them to a whole new and deeper level. … Leslie and her team have been amazing. They have so much experience to share. Leslie has an incredible way of helping you see things differently. … I am so grateful … for the opportunity to learn and apply everything on a weekly and daily basis.” – Ilija Vraijich, raised 600K for his startup company

“I am so grateful for this program!! … I’ve done a few of the other programs … but this has helped me see clearly the laws and how I use them (or how I wasn’t using them). Working with Leslie and her team is incredible. The love and compassion is most inspiring, aside from the example they are leading with. If you want to go beyond your current thinking and dreaming… this is the course! I’m thankful for the accountability factor and the learning that’s combined.” Jamie Jensen., took her makeup line business to the next level

“I wanted to first say thank you sooooo much for allowing me to be in the ‘Achieving the Impossible’ class! … I am learning so much and noticing so many shifts in my thinking already! This homework from week 4 was especially powerful for me! My mind was definitely stretched … So many ah-ha moments this week!!” Christy Lee., grew her income and made some of her home-improvement dreams happen

Reader, I hope to hear from you. It’s going to be a great year!

❤ Leslie

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