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“I decided to be there”

Springboards, not Roadblocks

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Jennifer Griffith is an award-winning, bestselling author of over twenty novels who joined the Mindset Mastery program to help her overcome some difficult challenges and achieve her next-level goals. She explained:

“Last year, I lost my mother to stomach cancer right before the Christmas season, in the midst of writing my holiday releases. From that, I was experiencing some residual traumatic feelings, and I knew I would need to push through them, or just plain get a BUNCH of Unseen Help, as Christmas books are the main source of my income. Every time I tried to begin thinking about this type of book, I emotionally shut down or my arm started hurting…”

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“I DECIDED to be there”

Amanda Permann is a Mindset Mastery Graduate who applied her newfound skills to help her get to an event that seemed out of reach. She writes:

“I was nervous to tell [my husband] that I had an opportunity to go to Genius Bootcamp … and how much it would cost. He wasn’t against it, but he wasn’t thrilled about the whole thing, either. I told him I could figure it out. He still wasn’t thrilled but said, ‘it’s your thing, so do what you think…'”

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“[Genius Bootcamp] was exactly what I needed! … [It] brought many answers and the clear direction I have been praying and searching for over the past several months. I am so very glad I took this course, at exactly this time … It has brought peace, direction, and understanding in my life … which will be a springboard for me moving forward. … Thank you!” Kelly Hansen

“This Immersion program journey has been an incredible opportunity of learning and growth. It took some discipline to … work on the lessons regularly, and some of them were tough, but I have been SO rewarded for the effort! My life has taken a dramatic shift for the better these past few months, and I can absolutely attribute it to applying what I have learned. That’s what I love so much about this course. The call for action. That’s where the magic happens. I am excited about my future, which isn’t something I could have honestly said before reading Leslie’s books and taking this course. Absolutely life changing. I look forward to continued learning, implementing and sharing these principles with the people I love.” Rachel Brandon

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