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Intro to Mindset Mastery Webinar Replay

Replay expires soon! Discover how to effect real, lasting change with mindset, and see how it works through the Mindset Mastery Program. Watch the replay here: (To watch with player controls: CLICK HERE – opens in a new window) Links mentioned on the webinar: Jackrabbit Factor Ebook Mind Model

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Rare Faith – Magically Perfect

Magically Perfect Hi Reader, Dawn writes: “Sometimes, I mistakenly think that I can take a course, or read a book, or complete a difficult task, and I will magically become perfect. POOF! Then I discover, while I may have improved a little or sometimes dramatically, I am still just a

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Genius Bootcamp – next week ONLINE!

this was unexpected Hi Reader, Back when this whole Genius Bootcamp thing started, I never expected to say what I’m about to tell you now… Remember when my husband and I generated 43k with only about $200 in the bank, maxed out credit cards, and no paycheck in sight? It

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Intro to Mindset Mastery – FREE Webinar

This Saturday! Intro to Mindset Mastery FREE Webinar! Saturday July 9 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET Free one-hour training with Leslie Householder and Michelle Taylor __________ Hi Reader, If you’ve been curious about the Mindset Mastery program and are ready to take a closer

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Rare Faith – Stepping In

Stepping In by Rare Faith Programs Facilitator Michelle Taylor Hi Reader, Have you ever felt led to move forward into doing something that caused you a lot of fear and trepidation, but knew that if you just moved forward it could be something completely amazing? I am sure most of

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Rare Faith – When have I done enough?

When have I done enough? Hi Reader, I had the mindset that I could do anything, and that there was no such thing as doing “too much”. I didn’t always know how to temper my ambitions, because frankly, they helped me achieve some things that I was pretty happy about.

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