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Rare Faith – Just me Geeking Out

Round 11 – Just me Geeking Out (too much) Hi Reader! Back in August, my oncologist scheduled me for two more rounds of chemo before my September 19th surgery (this Tuesday!), which would complete the 12 rounds originally prescribed in January. However, my GI surgeon wanted me off chemo for

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Rare Faith – Attached to the Struggle?

Attached to the Struggle? Hi Reader! Ann Ferguson writes: “When I think about the law of polarity, I typically think about times when I have been at my lowest, and had to muster the will to believe there is an equal and opposite good. I don’t know about you, but

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Rare Faith – Battling Nay-Sayers

Talk to a Human Battling Nay-Sayers Hi Reader! Maybe you have dealt with nay-sayers and know how that can be one of the most challenging parts of achieving a goal with Rare Faith. Denise faced this herself, but didn’t let it stop her…. Read more here… ________________ Leadership Conference 3-pay

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Rare Faith – Why I believe in Time Warps

Talk to a Human Why I believe in Time Warps Hi Reader! Two weeks before I was going to teach class, I was on the verge of a meltdown. Too many things to do, not enough hands to do them with, and definitely not enough time to get it all

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Rare Faith – Stuck in a Story?

NEW! Talk to a Human Stuck in a Story? Hi Reader! If you’ve experienced Genius Bootcamp, you know what it means to be stuck in a story, and what happens when you let your mind spin. From there, you also discover how to create what you really want from absolutely

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Rare Faith – Getting the Goal Statement Right

NEW! Talk to a Human Getting the Goal Statement Right Hi Reader! If you’ve been working on creating a goal statement that activates unseen help, you may find the following Q/A helpful. Getting the Goal Statementright can be a lot of work! But it’s worth the effort, because of the

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