Rare Faith – What happens when you’re grateful for everything

What Happens When You’re Grateful for Everything

Hi Friend,

I’m grateful you are a part of my life and hope that my newsletters continue to give you strength and hope in hard times. ❤️

I love to ponder on the fact that God is a lawful being. There are absolute causes and effects in His law-governed Universe, and as we learn and abide His laws, we can expect to enjoy more blessings connected to those laws. That’s why…

“Being grateful” is not just a band-aid to distract us from pain. It is a LAW, connected to a blessing.

Sure, sometimes we need to avoid berating ourselves for feeling the full scope of sadness, disappointment or anger that our situation warrants, but here’s the thing…

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“So grateful for the email inviting me to the fireside. With the load of my life being so heavy for so long, this has caused me to look pause and look at things differently. This week I’ll focus more on gratitude, praise, looking for the miracles, and being more aware of patterns. Thank you Leslie.” PS

“…I just have to crow that I am in the middle of your freebie Foundations Course, and got both my small goals and the impossible goal…. I was able to get several new students (so that I had 25 by Oct. 31), and … [my naturopath] decided to do private sessions again. … With 3 operations behind me that couldn’t stop my atrial fibrillation, my heart stopped fluttering and flimmering 30 min. into the session, and I can sleep again. I am amazed, thank you so much for your generous help! Sincerely, Leisa”


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Friend, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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