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Achieving the Impossible Video

Watch now Hi Reader, I’m kicking off another full session of ATI next week, so I’m making one of my most talked about videos accessible again FREE until November 6th: The ‘Achieving the Impossible’ Intro Webinar (53 mins) Just because something appears to be impossible to you, that doesn’t mean

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Rare Faith – Achieving the Impossible

“no way…” [VIDEO] The Impossible Goal – “No way…” Hi Reader, Fun story. For each BINGO row completed, the participants were invited to pick a prize from the basket. The contents of the basket were kept secret, and the only way to discover what was inside, was to get BINGO.

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Rare Faith – “My life is a breeze…?”

“My Life is a BREEZE as I walk in EASE” Hi Reader, Roseanne Dawes writes: “I knew that overwhelm was not a ‘faith principle,’ so I knew there had to be an easier way to move forward and still achieve my short term goal by doing the bite-sized pieces. It

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Rare Faith – Wisdom from a Mustang

Wisdom from a Mustang Hi Reader, At our Rare Faith Leadership Conference last week I met a man named Hugh Vail from Mustang Medicine who takes wild horses from the BLM and “meeks” them. Some call it “breaking” the horse, but his approach is very different. Rewriting Neural Pathways Wild

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Rare Faith – Hope like a balloon

Hope like a Balloon Hi Reader, Hot air balloons. Helium balloons. Truly magical, if you don’t understand the science behind their buoyancy. And even magical if you do, in my opinion. Do you remember how it was to experience your first helium balloon? Were you astounded at how everything else

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Rare Faith – Being Em-Powered (read this one)

Hi Reader, I received a message this week from Colby Bell who wrote: “Hey Leslie … Your impact on me and Emily has been tremendous. … I remember listening to the Jackrabbit Factor 15 years ago while on a vacation and it shifted the rest of our lives. … And

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