Rare Faith – Wisdom from a Mustang

Wisdom from a Mustang

Hi Reader,

At our Rare Faith Leadership Conference last week I met a man named Hugh Vail from Mustang Medicine who takes wild horses from the BLM and “meeks” them.

Some call it “breaking” the horse, but his approach is very different.

Rewriting Neural Pathways

Wild horses are wired to fear predators for their survival. They know that creatures with eyes in the front of their face (like wildcats or humans) can harm, hurt, or kill.

Learning to trust God is a lot like wild horses learning to trust humans.

While Hugh was showing us how he trains a horse to become “meek”, those of us watching learned a lot about regulating our own nervous system, and rewriting our own neural pathways.


Feeling Spontaneous?

My husband and I will be attending Hugh’s 3-day event next week called Entheos for Repairing the Ruptured Relationship with your SELF. In this process, we learn how to become truly “sovereign”, which, in the world according to Hugh, means “learning to walk alone, together”.

I thought you might want to attend, too.

I’m not getting a commission to tell you about it, but based on what I’ve already learned from Hugh, I believe this event could do a lot of good for anyone who comes.

  • Do you need help learning to trust God?
  • Are you ready to repair the damaged relationship with yourself?

When you rewrite the programs and stories that keep you stuck, everything changes. Opportunities become more abundant. It’s easier to find inner stillness no matter what’s going on. Past traumas don’t have to keep holding you captive.

I’ll be attending as a participant and will be learning right alongside you.


How much does it cost?

Normally a 3-day event with training, lodging, and food would run about $2500, but because this is a NEW training and time is short, tickets are only $550.

At the time of this mailing there were still spots open, but I doubt they’ll last long.

Next Monday, Oct 23 at 6pm – Wednesday, Oct 25 at 1pm
@Holmstead Ranch Resort near St. George, UT

Register here for only $550 per person
Meals and Lodging included!

Click here for a more detailed PDF info sheet

See you there!

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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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