“My Life Is A BREEZE As I Walk In EASE!”

Meet Mindset Mastery graduate, Roseanne Dawes.

Roseanne is a successful alignment coach, and is on track to becoming one of our Certified Rare Faith Facilitators. She has been intuitively and instinctively living the Universal Laws of Thought her entire life.

Recently she learned how to simply walk with God in the present, rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. She’s attended some of our leadership training conferences, and adds tremendous value to our community. We’re so blessed to have her, and look forward to her completing her facilitator training!

Whenever someone applies for Mindset Mastery graduation, I have some questions:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

A. Traveling on I-15 is not my most favorite thing to do. I thought it would be a fun inconsequential goal to merge onto I-15 with a lot of ease. I imagined no cars in the lane I was merging into AND all the other cars would be back quite a ways so it was like a protective bubble to merge onto easily.

I made sure my body got into a very relaxed and “still state” which showed I was totally comfortable. I was just playing around and thought, “I’d love to experience this.” As I merged onto I-15, the barrier didn’t show oncoming cars, so it would be a total surprise if it actually worked.

Lo and behold…it was just as I had imagined. There were NO CARS in the lane I was merging into and there was so much space between me and the cars that were driving the same direction.

WOW! I’ve used this method ever since and my drives have been so much more calm!

Did you notice how Roseanne took the time to place her body into a “still state” before she went driving? She was giving her subconscious the tangible evidence of her experience BEFORE it happened. This is an excellent example of how to “trick” the subconscious.

The power of the inconsequential goals is so much more than just those small goals that are achieved. Here we can see that not only did Roseanne realize that inconsequential goal, but she has changed her driving experiences ever since. Fantastic work!

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

A. Have 15 clients this month and 3 of those today!

“My life is a BREEZE as I walk in EASE.” That’s the mantra. I’ve been having assignments and more “to-do’s” being added to my list and it could seem quite overwhelming.

I knew that overwhelm was not a “faith principle,” so I knew that there had to be an easier way to move forward and still achieve my short term goal by doing the bite-sized pieces. It just seemed like everything was piling up and that I was getting nothing done.

I followed the sparks: 1. Read my Life Mission 2. Focus on my dream for 5 minutes. 3. Write down my weekly calendar on the left side of the paper and all my “to-do’s on the right side of the paper. 3. Remember that I am “walking in inspiration” and whatever jumped out at me from the right side is what I’d do next. Just be in action.

I started acting, and as a result, two clients started again, and another two said they are putting in their orders this month. So I’m working with all four of them right now…even though 2/4 have actually paid…I know the other two will.

Roseanne is absolutely correct—overwhelm is not a principle of faith. Sometimes we may experience much fuller schedules, or be “doing” more than normal, while in the pursuit of our goals, and that is OK….as long as what we are doing we are confident is a “next right step.” However, being productive and having a fuller-than-normal schedule does NOT have to equal overwhelm. Once she acknowledged that feeling overwhelmed would not help her reach her goal, but instead chose to just remain in inspired action, the clients flowed to her quickly and easily.

I’m “acting as though.” I know that I am totally dependent on my Savior. I know I can NOT do all that’s on my plate. He has been showing me how to walk with Him and He’s now showing me how the goals show up because of HIm.

What a blessing! What a relief! I have no doubt the other 11 clients are on their way…maybe even more as I continue to follow my inspirations from the paper planner He had me create today…especially knowing that I am doing this to only serve Him with an “eye single to His glory.”

It’s His work. That perspective works miracles!

This is an excellent reminder and example that we are not meant to do it all alone. We can lean into the blessings of the Savior, and rely on all the unseen help to help us reach all of our goals. Great job, Roseanne!

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

A. I was asked to reach out to 5 warm leads for a new course I was doing. I wasn’t sure I knew enough to put myself out there in this new realm. I was able to think truth when I realized God was leading me to these 6 people, not 5, and 3 of them wanted to hear about it. Cool.

The truth was, Heavenly Father is leading me to these courses to learn from these instructors. He knows what I need to do to stretch. I also thought of the truth about these individuals liking me for who I am, not what I “sell.” They just like me.

One of the people politely turned down the invitation and I was so impressed with how she did it. It made me want to follow her even more and see the incredible things she is doing.

When I think truth in spite of appearances, (I felt like a failure and salesy in this case), I can remember who I am and watch how Heavenly Father is leading me to serve His children….one small assignment at a time.

I am on His errand.

Keeping an eternal perspective allows us to remain in a higher vibration, despite circumstances. The eternal perspective often makes thinking truth in spite of appearances easier, and failures don’t feel like actual failures, but experiences individually designed for our own highest good. All we need to do is that one small assignment at a time. Thank you for the reminder, Roseanne.

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

A. YES!! A lot of them. The biggest terror barrier is the great abyss….THE UNKNOWN!!! That, by far, is the scariest thing of all. I have FINALLY come to realize, and I am much more calm about it, that He isn’t going to show me the whole picture.

He is asking me to raise my faith by listening to Him one step at a time and watch how He works in my life with the line-upon-line principle. I purchased a program on a credit card that I knew He told me to take.

At that time, I didn’t know I could create the money without using a credit card….that part is getting better. Yay! I knew I never really finish programs because I usually take the class and get what I need to from it, and move on. I didn’t want to pay this much money on something that I knew I might not finish…even though I bought the higher level coaching to become an instructor.

Little did I know, by saying YES to it…this has been the #1 technique I use in my coaching sessions and makes the greatest gains with my clients. If I hadn’t broken through the “unknown” (my personal terror barrier), I wouldn’t have come to realize the best thing that has happened to my coaching business.

I would say that most of my students fear the unknown more than anything else. It’s understandable, but not helpful. We would all benefit from following Roseanne’s advice here to move forward line-upon-line, rather than scrutinizing the unknown future.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

A. First, let her know she’s normal! Fear is what I look for to realize there is an easier way. Second, state what she is afraid of. Then from there, we could talk about answering the question of what she would do if the worst case scenario happened.

Just brainstorm some ideas. Answer the question to help the mind calm down. We could also talk about what she would also like to happen instead, and brainstorm some things she could do right now.

Fear is normal AND there’s an easier way. Yes! Face the fear head-on and just let yourself answer the question of what will happen if whatever it is you are fearing comes to pass. There will be a calming of the mind, and all that you are seeking will find its way to you.

Great job, Roseanne, and thank you so much for sharing your story and insights with us!


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