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Hope like a Balloon

Hi Reader,

Hot air balloons. Helium balloons. Truly magical, if you don’t understand the science behind their buoyancy. And even magical if you do, in my opinion.

Do you remember how it was to experience your first helium balloon? Were you astounded at how everything else you knew fell downward… except that beautiful, shiny ball in the air?

It did two things…

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Keeping your Eyes on the Horizon

We were newlyweds of only one year.

My husband and I decided to drive twelve hours to attend a conference which would help us start a business. Tensions were high because we couldn’t afford the trip, and our disagreements left us both feeling hurt and misunderstood.

Because of an accident the year before, I was nervous about crashing again. To him, my fear was a personal jab against his driving skills.

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Talk to a Human

When you look at me what do you see?
Do you see the small child living in fear?
Do you feel the pain I have felt?
Can you sense all the times I’ve doubted myself?
Are you aware of the numerous times I’ve wished for life to end?

Look again.

Now when you look at me, what do you see?
Do you see:

Strength from all the pain!
Courage born in fear!
Compassion rising from suffering!
Peace evolving from depression!
Confidence growing out of doubt!

My games are my games. Maybe I play them to expose your games.

We may be miles apart in our lives but inside we are closer than we may want to admit.

You won’t know me and I won’t know you if we don’t look past the masks we all wear.

Don’t underestimate me; don’t look past me; and don’t give up on me.


Copyright: Kevin Fulkerson December 2021, used with permission


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