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I received a message this week from Colby Bell who wrote:

“Hey Leslie … Your impact on me and Emily has been tremendous. … I remember listening to the Jackrabbit Factor 15 years ago while on a vacation and it shifted the rest of our lives. … And your generosity and kindness with Achieving the Impossible and Em I will never forget.

Who are Emily and Colby Bell?

Emily and Colby are two remarkable individuals who used the principles to create an unconventional life and irreplaceable memories for their little family, selling everything four years ago to travel the world, and then returning to the States to live out of a renovated school bus.


But their story took an unexpected turn.

Emily was diagnosed with cancer at only age 32, and in April she returned to her Father in Heaven. Everyone who knew her misses her very much, including me.

I can’t help but consider what their last few years together might have been had they NOT taken the leap to live their dream while they had the chance, not knowing how little time they had left.

And even though their story didn’t turn out the way they hoped, Emily’s story has not ended.

Colby now carries the torch for what Emily stood for and taught through his brilliant videography about their life together and their new brand called Em-Powered.

He recently added a new YouTube Video called The Art of Hard to help people understand what its like to go through hard things and still be able to be a light to many, just as Emily was.


Emily’s legacy lives on.

Life isn’t easy no matter who you are! So I encourage you to watch their videos to gain fresh perspective and empowerment for facing your own challenges, and then get something here that can help remind you to keep living Em-Powered.

  • How are you living YOUR story?
  • Who will YOU inspire by facing YOUR challenges with renewed courage and determination?

You’re not alone. I want to help.


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“Leslie! Such Wonderful News! Foreboding Joy sounds like what you’ve experienced related to your scan. You mentioned feeling like it was too early to celebrate and that really resonates with me. I’m feeling Joy for you! Thank you for sharing your journey and for your exquisite example of Faith. It is so uplifting and inspiring to me. Praying for you and your peace going into your surgery next week.” Abby Turner


“I loved this [Genius Bootcamp] program. It is absolutely life changing. Laura Curtis was a fantastic facilitator. I would definitely recommend.” Heather Collings


“My wife and I attended Genius Bootcamp at a time when the cycle of conflict over finances had come around again. My poor sales performance at work made it obvious that I needed to work on my mindset. I had been successful before, but I had been struggling for months to regain my momentum and get out of my slump. I had reconnected a few weeks earlier with the work of Leslie Householder and took the Mindset Quotient Test. Gratefully, Tracy Jo Rollins was assigned to be my consultant.

“I read The Jackrabbit Factor and had a couple of positive sessions with Tracy that opened my mind to opportunities that changed our finances within a matter of days! I then read Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures and studied some videos by Bob Proctor because of his influence on Leslie.

“When I was invited to attend the bootcamp, it was still a stretch financially, as I had just generated enough to pay our bills. When I approached my wife, her answer was an immediate ‘No. We can’t afford it.’ Practicing what I had already learned, I was committed to creating a way for me to go, with a prayer in my heart that my wife would come around. I felt it would go a long way to help us get on the same page and resolve conflict.

“Providing some rooms in our new home as an Air BNB to others attending the bootcamp made it possible for me to go, and offering some additional services led to my wife receiving a special offer.

Because of some changes in the previous two days, she enthusiastically agreed to go. I had attended other self-improvement events and workshops—some good, some bad—but our experience at Genius Bootcamp was phenomenal. The fact that it’s faith based, deepened my appreciation. We learned how to put into practice the principles and ideas we received.

More changes were happening for both of us during and immediately after the training. We’re excited to see our results as we keep implementing what we’ve learned. I highly recommend it!” Rich Anderson


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