Rare Faith – “My life is a breeze…?”

“My Life is a BREEZE as I walk in EASE”

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Roseanne Dawes writes:

“I knew that overwhelm was not a ‘faith principle,’ so I knew there had to be an easier way to move forward and still achieve my short term goal by doing the bite-sized pieces. It just seemed like everything was piling up, and that I was getting nothing done…”

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“Heavenly Father wants to bless me”

Heidi reports:

“About a month after I set the goal, I was at my brother’s house when he stopped mid-sentence and said: ‘I think I have something for you’…”

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“I didn’t really know for sure what the Genius Bootcamp was all about when I signed up. But I am so glad that I did! Our facilitator, Roseanne Dawes, was just phenomenal in guiding us through this amazing course. Leslie has developed a great system to walk you through identifying questions and receiving answers. This was a powerful class, and I did, in fact, receive …sparks of inspiration and …answers to questions. Now I know the process I can use to determine my ‘next steps’ when I am working toward a goal. I highly recommend this program!” Wendy Cordon

“I have taken Genius Bootcamp before. I liked taking it over several weeks instead of on a weekend. Laura did such a good of job of sharing the information and helping me understand the laws and principles.” – Gail Curtis

“This [Genius Bootcamp] has been an EXTREMELY welcome and productive program! I had read Leslie’s books a couple of times, as well as MANY of her weekly emails going back for years, but I’d never taken the leap to take a class.
I learned SO much more from this class than all the reading alone I’d done, and all the other similarly-minded programs and seminars I’ve gone to!” – Kent Hart

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