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Your Video Link and 6 Free Lessons

Hi Reader, Thank you for your interest in my “The Visual Aid that Changed Everything” video showing the simple diagram that helped us triple our income in just three months. The Visual Aid That Changed Everything: CLICK HERE to watch the video now To help you get the most out

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Mechanics of a Miracle – Watch the Replay

Mechanics of a Miracle Webinar REPLAY Now available through Friday, July 21! Request Access Here ______________ Hi Reader, If you were not able to attend this Webinar live, you can now watch the full presentation and receive a special gift. Enjoy! Leslie Leslie Householder Author, speaker, and curator of true,

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Rare Faith – The Dot Com Miracle

and Anxiety NEW! Talk to a Human The Dot Com Miracle Hi Reader! When I decided to build my message around the term “Rare Faith” (based on the quote by Boyd K. Packer), I looked into buying the domain It wasn’t available, but RareFaith.ORG was, so I went with

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Mechanics of a Miracle Webinar

FREE! Hi Reader, Join me for a FREE webinar! The Mechanics of a Miracle Webinar (1 hour) Miracles are not just about getting what we want. They’re gifts and blessings that help us see God’s hand in our lives. They bring us a rescue when we truly need a rescue.

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Rare Faith – It’s been a ride

my cancer update It’s been a ride (my health journey update) Hi Reader! I would love for all my posts to be nothing but uplifting, inspiring, and full of good news. But I’m not even sure yet what I’m going to say for this update because… while the last two

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Rare Faith – “I wasn’t complaining”

“I wasn’t complaining” Hi Reader! Thin threads connect us with the right people at just the right time. Believing that such coincidences happen is one way to grow faith and become attuned to see more of these kinds of experiences for yourself. Read more here… Facing Fear with Confidence and

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