Mechanics of a Miracle Webinar


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The Mechanics of a Miracle Webinar (1 hour)

Miracles are not just about getting what we want. They’re gifts and blessings that help us see God’s hand in our lives.

They bring us a rescue when we truly need a rescue. They give us genius sparks or ideas when God sometimes needs us to solve our own problems. They give us an added measure of love, patience, strength, or wisdom when a situation calls for us to be more than we are. They provide glimmers of hope despite impossible odds.

In this webinar, I will share some powerful information to help you understand what YOU can do to invite and recognize more miracles in your life. Don’t miss this training. It’s FREE!

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Monday, July 10 from 4-5pm PT
A replay will be provided to those who register.

See you there!

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