Lost and found

A hearty congratulations to Diane Jones, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!

In the Mindset Mastery program our students are walked through two phases:

In Phase 1, they learn foundational principles for achieving goals with Rare Faith, the kind of faith that causes things to happen. Then, they are challenged to apply what they learned to an experiment, the “inconsequential goal”, something they want to see happen by their faith, something that is not critical or overly needed or stressful. This isn’t about doing party tricks, the intention is solely for stretching their faith muscle and seeing some real results. We teach them to approach this exercise with childlike hope that God would love for them to learn this skill, so that they have some muscle memory around how to use it for things that really matter – providing for their families, restoring health, strengthening relationships, or just conquering life’s Goliaths.  

Then in Phase 2, the students apply what they learned to something more important. Having completed the Phase 1 experiment and seeing a direct connection between their thoughts and something happening in the real world, they take their newfound confidence into this next experiment. Graduation spotlights like this one below provide a glimpse into this process:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

A. I needed to find some towels I knew I had, but did not remember where I had put them. I knew that Heavenly Father knew where they were, and if I asked and trusted in him, he would direct my thoughts and activities to where they were. I asked, and as I went about my work I was directed to one cupboard. I did not see them at first, but after straightening up one side, I glanced to the middle, and there they were!

This demonstrates a few of the lessons that can be learned through the Phase I experiment. Diane first believed and asked for direction, trusting that she would be led to the towels. Sometimes when we pray, we picture the opposite of what we are praying for, or feel the distress of what’s lost rather than the gratitude for what is found – before it’s found. Trusting in Him, Diane simply went about her work, and followed the direction she felt to a particular cupboard. Rather than dismissing the direction as “wrong” when she did not see the towels to begin with, she proceeded to straighten up, and there they were.

She elaborated:

My midterm experiment was applied to something I needed to find. I have used the process before and I knew it would work. It was inconsequential but I used it because it was something I needed right then.

I had purchased some dish towels around Christmas time and did not use them then. I put them carefully away somewhere but now I needed them for a wedding … and I was not sure where they were.

I looked in all the places I thought I would have put them or remembered having them. So I knew I needed extra help. My usual action has been to stop, say a prayer and ask for help in directing my thoughts so I could find them. I did that and then I calmly went about my activities and looked as thoughts came.

I later thought maybe I had put them with my towels and not with my containers of gifts. I looked in my cupboard but did not see them right off. I started sorting and regrouping my towels, then along the side of the cupboard out of normal sight I thought I saw something and there they were. I immediately hugged them and said thank you.

I have learned to stay calm and know they will show up sometime and just kept a thought in the back of my mind about finding them. I knew I did not know where they were, but someone else did. I am so grateful for heavenly intervention even in the small things.

She then shared what she felt about her experience to this point in the program:

I have enjoyed the course so far. I have tried to be more intentional about how I think and look at things. I have had several experiences where I wanted to find some thing and then I have seen it.

One of the more significant ones was when I lost my car keys, locked the other key in my car and did not realize my car keys and school keys were missing. At first I was a bit nervous especially since I could not get into my car to go home after school, without some help.

I have a great principal and he asked if it was OK to try to break into my car to get the keys that were in it. I agreed. He was able to get in my car and gave me the keys. But then I just could not imagine where my other keys were.

This was Monday and I knew I had them on Friday but had not used that car since. On my way home, I thought about when I had them last and figured it was Friday. I had switched cars when I got home and went to the temple an hour away and was in hurry and thought maybe they fell out of my pocket in my locker.

I usually put the keys in my pocket. As I got home and pulled in the driveway thought came maybe they fell out when I got out of the car. It had snowed and frozen since Friday, but I walked over to where the car had been parked, and I could see part of the key chain, there they were in the snow frozen to the grass.

I know I had heavenly intervention finding those keys and was ever so grateful. Some of the principles I am familiar with  and others I need to keep working on. I know if I keep persisting I will be able to overcome some of the other challenges I have.

I have tried listening more and ideas have come to mind even on ways to teach some of my classes at school. I want to be able to have at least the income we have coming in now when I retire, without having to depend on social security to make up the difference. I am looking forward to starting on phase II.

She added:

I know these laws work … You have provided a great service for me and others. I am grateful for your continued support and encouragement. Thank you!

Some might think these results are simply coincidental. But the more our students choose to believe they can have a conscious impact on their results, the more they prove it to be true.

Next it was time for Diane to move on to Phase 2, where students take what they learned from their inconsequential goal to make the attempt at applying the principles to something more difficult, meaningful, or important. I wanted to know what Diane’s results were from her Phase 2 experiment:

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 goal?

A. I tried several bite size pieces of my short-term goal of creating an inviting home and environment for my family to come. It all sounded good, and I tried several, but nothing seemed to really excite me. Then I started thinking of other things [to use as my goal], and by then my wrists and hands were becoming sore. I was thinking it was an arthritis flare up, so I found some excitement in being happy and grateful now that my body and joints function properly, and my body is thriving.

I would repeat my goal and found excitement in thriving, although I did not know then how hard that would be. I have been caught up with many food sensitivities, so [using the word] “thrive” and [replacing the word] “survive” was a big deal, and it changed my way of looking at things.

She explained that she usually avoids the doctor, so it was going to be interesting how this goal would play out. Changing a word or two can make all the difference. Diane was able to shift how she looked at her goal, simply by choosing a word that felt better. And then, this:

I did not realize what was happening, but at the end of May my body went into starvation mode, and my goal became even more vital for me. I kept trying to visualize what it would be like to be able to use my hands without them hurting and to be strong and healthy again. I am grateful to remind myself everyday of my goal.

My wrists hurt, but I thought “I am well even though they hurt.”

I usually try to fix things myself, and this time I needed to not just sit back. When I figured out I was in trouble, and it was not just arthritis, I had to be brave and call for help.

I was grateful for learning about intuition and following the Spirit as I tried to find out where I should go for the help I needed now. Then I needed to be willing to take the treatments and follow the doctor’s instruction.

I went to the doctor, and he thought it was an arthritis flare up and injected them. I was afraid of the injection, but remembered to feel what it would be like to be well.

I was [finally] willing to do what it would take to be well, and I felt like I needed to be brave and courageous if I wanted them well.

Diane didn’t share the full details of her medical condition, but did feel like she was led to do the right thing despite her fears.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

A. Trust in God and follow the Universal laws. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. You can know what is best for you to get through whatever you are facing.

Trust and listen. Trust God, the Laws, the process, and yourself, and you can be strengthened to get through anything.

In the end, Diane had this to say:

This is a wonderful course and has helped me learn so much about how powerful our minds are and we can control our thoughts. I enjoyed this course and the modules and having a quiz at the end to reinforce what we learned. Thanks for sharing the course with so many. It has been a great help to me.

I am so grateful for … the information on how to change our mindset. I needed this right now. As I am dealing with some unexpected health challenges the messages in the last few modules have been very pertinent to what I needed to hear and could relate it to what I am facing. I felt a switch in my thinking to thrive a few weeks ago before I knew what was going on.

That idea of thriving has been very helpful, and I am grateful for the tools … in the program to help us know how to change our thinking and what a great difference that makes. There is still a lot to learn and keep trying as I move forward.

I am realizing more how important the Universal laws are. They do not change, we need to understand them better and let them help us in our journey. I am grateful there is Joy in the journey. Thanks for sharing all the insights and lessons you have learned. I am grateful to have been able to participate in the self-guided course.

Again, congratulations, Diane. We look forward to hearing updates as you continue to apply the principles to your future challenges.


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