Rare Faith – “I wasn’t complaining”

“I wasn’t complaining”

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Thin threads connect us with the right people at just the right time.

Believing that such coincidences happen is one way to grow faith and become attuned to see more of these kinds of experiences for yourself.

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Facing Fear with Confidence and Peace

Gail writes: “I am retired and my dream was to stay home, not work, care for my husband, do family history, serve in the Temple and accomplish other things that are important to me.

“Being on a limited income meant I would need to be wise with what money we currently have, our savings and the money we received from the sale of our house. It has always been hard for my husband and I to discuss finances.

“Since I started learning about the laws that govern our thoughts I have been able to talk to him about the finances. And we are working together so much better than we ever have…”

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This IS fun!

I decided to make my own inconsequential goal and to make it something really pointless so my own emotions and thoughts wouldn’t get in the way, and so I could just ‘test’ the theory. I chose a random word, ‘Rhino’, and imagined that I would hear that word being spoken that day and then I would know that my experiment worked and be excited to try ‘bigger things’. That day at work I heard a new ad on the radio for ‘Rhino Security!’ Whoah! This IS fun!

“This last weekend I took our student from Spain to see our beautiful mountain lakes. He has been in Canada for almost 9 months and he really wanted to see a bear in the wild before he returns home later this month. I explained that I have lived here for almost 50 years and I’ve never seen a bear on one of these road trips. I decided to use the same technique and I imagined the excitement and joy I would feel when we actually saw a bear! I imagined taking pictures and being so excited that he got to see a bear!

“On our drive we noticed some cars pulled over to the side of the road ahead. There was a bear right there!! We pulled over and took photos!

“We also had the exact same thing happen the next day in a completely different area! Two bears on our 2 day trip to the mountains! And both times it was so obvious that we couldn’t miss it!” Christi Pierson

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