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The Dot Com Miracle

Hi Reader!

When I decided to build my message around the term “Rare Faith” (based on the quote by Boyd K. Packer), I looked into buying the domain RareFaith.com. It wasn’t available, but RareFaith.ORG was, so I went with that.

Occasionally over the years I’d check on the .COM option, but it was never available. It also wasn’t being used…

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Anxiety and the Miracle

Michelle came into the Mindset Mastery program after a long history of anxiety. She had already been studying the principles as much as she could through our free resources: The Jackrabbit Factor, then Hidden Treasures, the Visual Aid that Changed Everything video, and various Podcast episodes. Once she was ready, she signed up for the Guided version of the Mindset Mastery course feeling hopeful and determined. She wrote:

“I am wife to a great husband and mom to 8 wonderful kids… I have struggled with anxiety for the last 11 years. I struggle with past emotional and mental abuse … and it is hard to feel confident, but things are changing…”

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Free Webinar Monday, July 10 – The Mechanics of a Miracle

Miracles are not just about getting what we want. They’re gifts and blessings that help us see God’s hand in our lives.

They bring a rescue when we truly need a rescue. They give us genius ideas when God sometimes needs us to solve our own problems. They give us an added measure of love, patience, strength, or wisdom when a situation calls for us to be more than we are. They provide glimmers of hope despite the odds.

In this webinar, I’ll share powerful information that will help you understand what you can do to begin experiencing and recognizing more miracles in your life. Don’t miss this training. It’s FREE! Replay available for a limited time for those who register. Sign up here – invite a friend!

“I often say prayers of gratitude and I thank Him specifically for you, Leslie, and for your kindness to me in helping me to understand the laws of thought. Your Genius Bootcamp two years ago, as well as your amazing book Hidden Treasures have helped me considerably to be a more peaceful, positive person. I keep you in my prayers. May you have His strength in navigating these difficult waters. Thank you for your wonderful example and for all you have done for me.” – Laurel W.

“Thank you for sharing your [cancer] journey! Your experiences bless my life and give strength to continue my journey. I am forever grateful for your influence in my life! My love and prayers are with you!!” – Gail C.

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When the Principles Don’t Seem to Work (Podcast)

If you’re tired of hearing that you just need to think right to get better results, let’s learn how to make those laws really work. If money is tight and it seems impossible to do what you need to do next, it’s time to discover Heaven’s astonishing help with your money matters.

During this special podcast, Chris Miles and I discuss the principles in Hidden Treasures and how it can help you get over that next hurdle.. Listen now

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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