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Rare Faith – Where will the money come from?

Where will the money come from? Hi Reader, So, the Universe is abundant, huh? Full of opportunities for prosperity, is it? If that’s true, then… Have you ever wondered where all the money is hiding? The only thing keeping us from the money we need is our own resistance to

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Rare Faith – Miracle Gravel

Miracle Gravel Hi Reader, I’m always uplifted and inspired by readers who share their experiences putting Rare Faith to the test. This is one of my favorites. Marnie writes: “We live on a half-mile dirt/gravel road that frequently floods during the rainy seasons. It’s hard for us to keep gravel

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Heavy, tricky, and seemingly immovable

Are you feeling fenced in, or trapped in an unbearable situation? You might not be as stuck as you think. Read the following, from a Mindset Mastery program student who asked to remain anonymous: ___________ For years, I felt stuck, financially and geographically. My situation was, at heart, good! And

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Are you a creator?

working on something? Hi Reader, Are you a creator? Is there something inside of you bursting to come forth? Here’s a special message from one of our Program Directors, Ann Ferguson: _____________ You have these fabulous projects that you want to get out into the world. You know they’ll bless

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Rare Faith – Achieving the Impossible

Achieving the Impossible Hi Reader, We’re looking for 3 more people to join us for: Achieving the Impossible! A year-long program with me and some of our best coaches, designed to help you make big leaps this year. It is our deepest dive yet into the Rare Faith principles especially

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