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Last Call – Miracles Made Simple

Starts tomorrow, apply now! Hi Reader, As you may have heard, the Miracles Made Simple program has been revamped. I’ll be teaching it myself, and the course is taking a different approach than last year. In the new format, we’ll study real-life, modern miracles each week and meet Weds evenings

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Rare Faith – Leslie’s Cancer

Hi Reader, This is not going to be your typical Rare Faith Newsletter and it’s a little hard to know where to start, but here goes… In July I began having abdominal pain that I attributed to probable leaky gut, menopause, and organ prolapse symptoms all converging at the same

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Rare Faith – When it’s outside of your control

When Things are Outside of Your Control Hi Reader, Regina writes: “I owed over four thousand dollars. The young lady could not tell me why. …When I heard the bad news, I literally concentrated on my breathing to calm myself down…” Read more here… _______________ Goal Achievement as Easy as

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Full tuition scholarship for Soulmate Success Mastery

request by Weds Hi Reader, Every relationship has ups and downs. The pain of disappointment can feel unbearable, yet it IS part of every relationship. Dr. Cari wants to help you navigate these difficulties more effectively. Get the skills you need for better communication, managing feelings, and even identify new

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Live life LEAN – Last Call!

Starts soon Hi Reader, It’s a New Year! Is “weight loss” on your mind? With the principles in mind, what if we could help you be so focused on enjoying your best health ever that you begin experiencing the BEST health of your life in 2023 and beyond? Are you

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Rare Faith – The Reason

with a twist The Reason (a new twist on the seatbelt story) Hi Reader, What do seatbelts have to do with Christmas? Find out here… _______________ Our Crazy Family Christmas Tradition My kids are pretty much grown now, but we still revisit this video every year. Watch here _________________ The

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