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Hi Reader,

It’s a New Year!

Is “weight loss” on your mind?

With the principles in mind, what if we could help you be so focused on enjoying your best health ever that you begin experiencing the BEST health of your life in 2023 and beyond?

Are you ready to create an amazing life where added pounds are no longer a problem?

Over 700 students have experienced shifts in so many areas of their lives with the Mindset Mastery Program training.

But for the first time ever, the powerful Mindset Mastery course will be used to focus specifically on helping you let go of the sub-conscious programs that keep you hanging on to excess weight year after year. We’re going to help you create OPTIMAL HEALTH instead.

Experience the Mindset Mastery program in a whole new way, where your facilitator is a CERTIFIED WEIGHT LOSS COACH dedicated to your success, and where you’ll get TWICE the time and training, for the help you need to create lasting success.

Introducing: Live Life Lean, a brand new 6-month program to help you:

  • Pause unwanted programs and make room for better health
  • Explore what optimal health looks like for you
  • Discover how to recognize YOUR right next step
  • Enlist unseen help for accomplishing your health goals
  • Tap into your creative genius to create systems for navigating each step
  • Increase your confidence, create the health you want, and learn how to adjust with EACH new stage of life
Watch your confidence skyrocket as you start putting into practice the tools that help rewrite subconscious programs to get the results that you will love!

Meet Christy Lee:

Christy Lee has been studying health and nutrition for over 20 years and she can’t wait to share with you the tools that have been most effective in her life and the lives of her clients.

Live Life Lean is a unique individual journey to better health with all the tools and support you need.

  • This is NOT a health challenge or a competition
  • There are NO supplements or shakes to purchase, and
  • No pressure to compete for the MOST weight lost

Everyone’s health is different, and everyone’s path to optimal health is different as well. It’s not WHAT you do, but how you THINK that is going to have the greatest impact on your long-term results.

That’s why…

This program provides an individualized approach and space for you to:

  • Quiet the guilt, doubt and fear that often surround weight loss, and
  • Find the peace and calm that will lead you to the RIGHT next steps for YOU

Special Bonus:

When you sign up, you’ll also get immediate access to my Genius Bootcamp Immersion program! ($497 value) – This is THE best program for finding genius solutions to ANY problem, which is a critical skill to have in your tool belt as you journey from where you are, to where you want to be.

So you can dive into that right away, and when class starts tomorrow, Christy will be there to help you every step of the way for 6 months.

But it doesn’t even end there…

Your lifetime access to the Genius Bootcamp Immersion program will continue to help you master the skill, so you can always know what your next right step will be for overcoming every roadblock and achieving every goal – health-related or otherwise – throughout your life.

So start enjoying the journey now.

Move closer to your goals today and beyond. No more clawing your way to the top, frantic and exhausted, only to slide back down to where you started.

Class meets Wednesdays at 10:30am PT starting tomorrow, Jan 4th, 2023. However… If an evening class works better for you, let her know (below) and she will give you details on an evening class starting in February, not yet on the calendar.

If Live Life Lean is exactly what you need (and you know it), here’s the link to get started:

Learn more and Register Here

Pay plans available: One-pay, 3-pay, 6-pay
Limited scholarship funds are sometimes available – apply here


Reach out to Christy through text or email (below) and she will be happy to get on a call to see if Live Life Lean is a good fit for you.

“I can’t wait to visit with you, hear about your journey, and help you create the healthy life you’ve been dreaming of!!” – Christy Lee, Rare Faith Program Facilitator, Health and Weight loss Coach

Contact Christy here: or text 928-322-3364

All the best!


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