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Be part of the miracle tonight

Reader, This starts tonight! Life is really hard for a lot of people right now. And I’m not just talking about people feeling down-and-out. I’m talking about people who have unmet needs, unfulfilled desires, people who may not even appear to be struggling. Maybe you’re one of them, or maybe

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Rare Faith – From Butterflies to Paid-off Cars

& a love story What If? (A new kind of love story) Hi Reader, Rare Faith is not just for paying bills. It’s also for healing relationships. Christine divorced, and later remarried the same man. This is her story… “For those of you who may be struggling in your marriage,

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For moms – I wish I’d had this when…

Hey Reader… If you are a mom trying to build a business, I get it. I get that you have a yearning on your heart but sometimes limiting beliefs can hold you back from really thriving in your God given calling. When I first started trying to build my business,

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Rare Faith – Housing Market Concerns

& Emotional Wellness If you or someone you know is struggling with emotional wellness or low self-esteem, don’t miss any of this issue. I began compiling the newsletter with one theme in mind, but some of the articles and resources started lightly pointing to that topic instead. So, I’m just

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Are you a biz owner / content creator?

…you might be dreaming Hey Reader… If you don’t even have time for this email, you need this more than you think… Struggling to get things done? Too many distractions? Neglecting yourself? Imagine letting US take care of YOU, while YOU take care of BUSINESS! Creator’s Retreat April 13-16 near

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Rare Faith – I thought I could shortcut the process

I thought I could shortcut the process Hi Reader, I love the idea that there is unseen help available when you set out to accomplish a difficult goal. However, there are things you must do, or you may never see EVIDENCE of that help. I know you’ve probably heard this

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