Apprenticeship Opportunity – 3 spots left

Applications due by 4/21

Hi Reader,

If you missed the deadline for my Rare Faith Programs Facilitator Training, or if it didn’t feel like the right fit…

A door of opportunity is about to close and I want to let you know about it before it does.

My friend Ann Ferguson has a few spots open in her 2023 Mentoring Apprenticeship Program. She only accepts 10 people per year for this training and has just 3 spots left.

It might be a good fit for you if…

  • You’ve done a lot of personal mindset work and love the impact it has had on your life,
  • Love to share what you have learned with people you know,
  • Have said more than once, “I could do this” when working with a coach or mentor,
  • Would like to work with people on a more professional level,
  • Are looking for a faith-based coach training program,
  • Prefer live instruction and hands-on guidance, and
  • Feel a call to impact others that is pulling at your heart, and won’t go away.

Ann is a Master Mentor. In this apprenticeship she will take you under her wing. She will be personally involved in enhancing your weak spots and celebrating your strengths.

This training includes the art and skills of a Faith-based Personal Mentor, Group Mindset coach and Workshop Facilitator.

In this six month program you will experience:

  • 3-day Ignite Your Life Retreat,
  • Retreat/Workshop facilitator training,
  • 6 months of group and personal mentoring with Ann Ferguson, and
  • Realtime practice mentoring a small group through the Igniting Your Belief 12-week program.

When this training is complete you will:

  • Be confident in your ability to lead people through an established small group mindset course,
  • Have the skills to facilitate workshops,
  • Be part of a mentoring team with ongoing personal support and opportunities for certification in other mindset courses,
  • Experience the JOY of being a part of someone’s transformation,
  • Feel the peace and love that comes from partnering with God as you serve His children, and
  • Be fully prepared to answer the call of your heart.

Don’t miss this opportunity to work and learn from her.

Application deadline is April 21, 2023

Click Here for more information

To your success!


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