When Storms Bring Clarity

Meet Sheila Lugaresi,

Introducing Sheila Lugaresi, Mindset Mastery Graduate. Sheila faced some significant storms and disruptions during her Mindset Mastery experience, but she stayed strong and allowed those storms to direct her path. This is not always an easy task to do, and I am pleased to announce her graduation!

As with all of our graduates, I had some questions:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

For the inconsequential goal, I chose to practice on a few things. The first goal was while I was in our local health food store. There is a certain shampoo I like and was running out. Normally, I would have to get it from a health food store that was 45 minutes away. I felt impressed to go to the shampoo aisle and look down. There was the shampoo. It was never there before.

My next goal was to see a yellow car. While I was waiting for my daughter to come out of the doctor’s office one pulled up and parked behind me. I thought that it would be great to see another yellow vehicle. Within a minute, I looked up and to the left just as a yellow van drove by. This is fun.

The one I really wanted took a bit longer than I set the date for. I wanted to see our neighbor’s ginger tip kitty in my yard and be able to pet it. I set a two week goal to do this. During those two weeks, I saw his brother in my yard. I saw the ginger tip in my neighbor’s backyard. I thought maybe I needed to honor the free will of the kitty. After the two weeks were up, I still put it out there to have the kitty in my yard and that I would be able to pet it. I imagined it over several times.

Eight days after the goal, I went outside with my granddaughter and son to walk them to their car. The ginger tip kitty was in my yard. My granddaughter was excited to see the kitty and kind of chased him away into his own yard. I tried to pet it in its yard, but it kept walking away. I finally went over to my son’s car to say goodbye. After they left, I saw the ginger tip kitty back in my yard. I reached out and let it sniff my hand and then I was able to pet it several times in my yard. That was exciting!

Did you take note that she continued to believe in her goal, even after the date she had set for it to be completed had passed? In Sheila’s case, it was 8 days past her goal date when the goal was achieved. Sometimes, even when we are perfectly aligned with the laws, we must still surrender to the Law of Gestation, and keep believing in our goal, even if it takes longer to be realized than we had hoped. Great work, Sheila!

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

My “bite-sized piece” of my short term goal was to send out a broadcast email out to friends and family to inform them what my health coaching business is focused on. I wanted to do this in 2 weeks time. It required not only creating the email, but figuring out the Infusionsoft program and how to link things up. Not super tech savvy yet.

Q. What happened?

This goal should have taken three weeks at most. That’s what I thought when I set this goal. I didn’t feel comfortable sending out the broadcast email, because the way my business mentor was directing me to do it felt sleazy, salesy. The template was so not my personality and she wanted me to send it out in such a way as to put the people I sent my email out to on my email list without their permission. I also am not one who likes to attract attention to myself in this manner. My safe way to run my business was to have clients come to me through word of mouth. That wasn’t working very well since I wasn’t out and about in the community and the few people that knew what I do didn’t share it or they shared it with people who weren’t interested. Being an introvert has its drawbacks. Sending out the broadcast email caused some anxiety. The whole gamut of what will people think? Will they think I am taking advantage of our friendship? What if….blah,blah,blah…

I figured out a way to send out the broadcast email in a way that was more honest and more me. That helped lower the fear. It was still a stretch to do this, though. I had some opposition because of health challenges, which limited my time to focus on this goal. A family crisis came up right in the middle of accomplishing this goal that took my focus completely away. I continued to read my statement, several times over and imagined how I would feel when it was done.The family crisis gave me a stronger, clearer focus on getting my broadcast email out. The crisis, however. came with an emotional, time, and energy cost. This cost increased my difficulty ranking.

Sheila does an excellent job here of showing the importance of being clear on what her own intentions were. She was clear on what would feel right for her business, and held onto that. When a family crisis happened, she could have let go of her vision. Instead, that crisis brought clarity with it. The storms of life do carry with them an emotional toll, and sometimes a setback in our anticipated goal achievement time frame. However, as Sheila states here, those storms can also bring a higher level of clarity.

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

One of the fears for me is impostor syndrome. I am a health coach, who is still dealing with insomnia. My niche is to help women with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. I also am a one-on-one person, rather than a group person. I shut down in large groups of people. Sending out this broadcast email caused some internal introspection. The family crisis, my son dealing with PTSD from his abusive, depressed wife, tried to kill himself. This crisis gave me the catalyst to put the fear aside. I am two steps ahead of my potential clients. My knowledge can help save lives and families.

This is a very heavy kind of crisis for Sheila to have needed to handle, which could have made it easy for her to lay aside her goals for a while, but she chose to assign a positive thought to all that transpired. Her experience with this situation gave her the confidence to move beyond her fears and into the understanding that her knowledge has the potential to save lives and support other families. This is truly amazing, and thank you for finding the light during what was likely a dark and difficult time.

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

Another thing that contributed to the Terror Barrier is facing the Imposter Syndrome. I am a health coach. My niche is to help moms with chronic insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I am still dealing with insomnia. This furthers the Imposter Syndrome in my mind. How could I possibly help women with insomnia, if I am still dealing with it? Through some mentors and listening to a podcast, I was able to change my thoughts and feelings surrounding this syndrome. I am two steps ahead of my clients. I am knowledgeable about a lot of things that contribute to insomnia, etc. To overcome the Impostor Syndrome, I don’t fake it until I make it. That just furthers the belief that I am an impostor. I practice until I make it. That sends out a better vibration. I learn from the mistakes and the successes, the subtle and the big. That attitude actually gives me a sense of relief.

Yes! We learn from both our mistakes and our successes. As we lean into this understanding, everything becomes an opportunity.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. List out the whys of the fears and list out what could happen if the fear isn’t faced. List out the pros of what could happen if the fear was faced head on. If needed, do some energy work to release the possible trauma that may be attached to the fear or seek counsel from a trusted friend or adviser. Pray and act.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Fears don’t have to hold us back. As we face our fears, they hold less power, and as we “do it anyway”, we will find ourselves on the other side of the fear, sitting in the success of our goals.

Well done, Sheila! I’m sure there will be many women blessed by you sharing your experiences and insight.

Sheila had this to say about the Mindset Mastery Program:

The Mindset Mastery course changed my approach to life. I have a more solid foundational understanding of how to apply the laws of abundance. Because of some traumas that occurred, goal setting became very stressful, to the point that I just woke up to “put out fires”. I now have more confidence when it comes to setting my goals and going forward to achieve them. I work on visualizing what I want more and getting into the feel of what it would be like to have that goal accomplished. I feel a stronger sense of hope in my life.

Thank you for your feedback, Sheila, and congratulations on your successes!



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  1. I really appreciate that Sheila strove to remain genuine in her sales, and reframing “fake it til you make it” to practice til you make it; the reminder that being just a couple steps ahead of your clients means that you still have something valuable to offer, as well.

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