Rare Faith – When Storms Bring Clarity

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When Storms Bring Clarity

Sheila wanted to grow her business but was battling “imposter syndrome”. So, she used what she learned in Mindset Mastery to help her move forward.

She writes: “Being an introvert has its drawbacks. Sending out the broadcast email caused some anxiety. The whole gamut of what will people think? Will they think I am taking advantage of our friendship? What if….blah,blah,blah…” Read more…

Round 3 is in the books!

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“In the past couple of months I have Prayed, Pondered & Prayed Over & Over again about making some HUGE decisions, one by one. I was reminded today of Luke 6:12-13: ‘…he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in Prayer to God.’ This was a reminder that even the Savior of the world needed hours of Prayer to make an important decision.

“I’m SO Grateful I learned years ago from … Genius Bootcamp how to listen, get answers and be Guided. I use what she taught me OVER & OVER again and it WORKS. There weren’t any accidents with all of that. I’m in Awe of where that skill has taken me. It’s allowed me to be Guided and it’s never failed me. I can go forward without looking back and that is HUGE.” – Shantel McBride

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Why Do My Finances Never Change? (Podcast)

“When you’re slogging through trials it is definitely easy to lose sight of where we’re going and why! I feel a renewed desire to share what I know and lift all the rest of the people who are currently slogging.” – show host, Katie Vrajich interviews me on the topic of finances and Rare Faith.
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