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your spouse disagrees

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Finding the Sweet Spot

“Making sure that my hubby and I are both happy about what is happening before moving forward was very important to me. As we would discuss and emotions would get more intense I was able to rely on my unseen help to help me stay calm and connected to my goal.

“… Finding that sweet spot can be tricky! Neither one of us can give up our truth. We must both be heard and valued before making a decision…” Read more…

Round 2 is in the books!

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“[Portal to Genius is a] wonderful adaptation of how the laws introduced in “The Jackrabbit Factor” effect long term life goals and how you will eventually see the fruits of your labors of thought! An easy read … I got the Audible version. It was good to see how the Characters moved past their inhibitions and hesitancies, and also a great show of … the circumstances around the jump moments – when they come, and how amazingly they paid off! Thank you Leslie and Trevan!” Emmy Amick

“[The Jackrabbit Factor] has already changed (saved) my life in many ways. Every part of my life has benefited by your book I look forward to learning more and hope that you will write more! Thank you again.” Jodi

“[The Jackrabbit Factor] is one of the best things that had ever happened to me; I cried, I got excited, I identified, I got chills, and more Words can not express the amount of gratitude I have for you and what you do!” Manos

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Dare to Dream (Podcast)

After experiencing success, then tremendous failure, I describe my family’s journey as we tried to put the pieces of our shattered life back together. I reveal details of what it took for us to dare to dream again, and the play-by-play results of my first major experiment meant to regain my confidence.
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