Round 2 is in the books!

Round 2 is in the books! I’ve learned that for me at least the first day of a chemo round isn’t miserable, it’s just weird. We call it “Mom’s glitching again”. Like fingers that suddenly stop doing what you’re wanting them to do (videotaping my daughter’s beach volleyball game today, “Trevan! Quick – Take the camera – I can’t push record!!”) or my tongue disconnecting from my brain mid sentence and nonsense starts babbling out. First round it was scary. This time it’s just flat funny. We haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers. I feel them. They have helped me take #2 on with eagerness. I’m feeling jazzed to knock these out. I got through the last one. I felt better by the end of the week so if this gets difficult I know from my own experience now that at least it is temporary.

Thank you to my friend Jerusha for helping me even be excited about the side effects because of what they mean: that it’s working where it matters. I have my dropping CEA levels to show for it. ❤️

Aaaand, Sarah is still undefeated. It’s a great day.

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