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Meet Jenny Patrick,

Meet Mindset Mastery Graduate Jenny Patrick. Jenny first went through a Guided Mindset Mastery course, and later joined me in a year-long adventure through Achieving The Impossible. She is an inspiration and example of how to honor herself and her dream, even when her spouse was against it in the beginning. Let’s see how she did it.

As always, I had some questions for Jenny:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

I decided that I wanted to see a Purple Feather. Feathers are a way that my Great-grandma Jenny, who is also my guardian angel, communicates with me. Finding feathers isn’t a stretch, but I’ve never seen a purple feather! At first I asked for a real live purple feather that wasn’t dyed. I wracked my brain and couldn’t think of a bird with purple feathers, so that made it feel impossible to me. 

Notice that it felt impossible to her here, but she’s not dismissing it? It’s OK to acknowledge that something feels impossible, AND still hold onto the belief. Let’s see what happened…

When I was on vacation with my family a little while later I was sitting beside the Spokane river when my eyes were drawn to a small feather. I picked it up and held it in the sunlight. From certain angles the feather had an iridescent blue/green/purple coloring! I was floored! “What?” I thought. “There really are purple feathers!?!”

But in the next thought I said to myself “There isn’t very much purple on this feather, so I don’t know if I can truly count it as the fulfilling of my goal.” I decided to amend my goal to finding a dyed purple feather so that there would be no mistaking the fulfillment!

This is really important to take note of: JENNY decided whether or not her goal was fulfilled with that iridescent feather. There would not have been a “wrong” answer. Jenny, herself, decided that what she TRULY desired was an unmistakably purple feather, and so she tweaked her goal. BOTH scenarios are “correct.” 

Fast forward a few more days and I’m chatting with a friend when out of the blue the spirit taps me on the shoulder three times and says to me “Look!”. I looked where I felt the spirit pointing and my friend was wearing purple dyed feather earrings!!!

I’d been talking with her for several minutes and hadn’t even noticed! I laughed out loud and grabbed her shoulders and told her “You just made my goal come true!”. I had the best time recounting the whole story to her as we both stood in amazement. Then I made sure to snap a picture!

Purple feathers! Who knew!

This is excellent! Well done, Jenny!

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

I am so happy and grateful to have plans in place for my home and yard! I am so excited to begin the building phase with the perfect people for the project in 2023! With these plans I easily secure the financing I need and begin the smaller projects that I can accomplish myself. I am filled with hope and joy for the future!

Can you feel the emotion radiating from this statement? I know I can! When someone else can feel the emotion of your goal statement by reading it, that is a great indication that you’ve nailed it! 

(Guided Mindset Mastery options include a goal review by your facilitator, who has gone through a lengthy goal review certification process. Click here to learn more, see what Guided classes are coming up, or to get on our waitlist.)

Q. What happened?

Well, I didn’t really even have to do anything! The real ‘work’ was standing for my dreams, believing in them, hoping for them, and not letting doubt and fear or any other intense emotions pluck them out! 

“The real work was standing for my dreams…” Exactly! The “work” isn’t in the hustle of doing, the “work” is what happens within our own mind.

So many times doubt and fear came calling, but it was in the form of arguments or disagreements with my spouse. Where I previously had chosen to give up on my dream I chose instead to stand with my dream even when it wasn’t warmly received at first. With my goal set, I was able to ask for and feel my unseen help more clearly. I was better supported to stand my sacred ground and not shrink back into hiding with my dreams just because they triggered strong emotions in my spouse. And guess what??? The hubby is on board now! He found the builder we are going to use!!! And he was the one to set up the appointment and meeting with them!

All I had to do was have a dream, love it, ask for it, and then do my part, which so far has been to mostly stand my sacred ground in love when discussing it. 

Did you catch the steps listed there? 1. Have a dream (see it); 2. Love it (feel it); 3. Ask for it; 4. Hold onto it. It really is that simple!

Making sure that my hubby and I are both happy about what is happening before moving forward was very important to me. As we would discuss and emotions would get more intense I was able to rely on my unseen help to help me stay calm and connected to my goal.

When we could both share what we needed and desired to feel joyful about the project we could move forward. Finding that sweet spot can be tricky! Neither one of us can give up our truth. We must both be heard and valued before making a decision.

I would choose to be the martyr and the victim in the past. It always felt so noble and holy to be the one to sacrifice her dream for others. Now I feel so silly for wasting all that time suffering under my own story! The answer was always right there! The shift was always within my reach!

I receive this question a lot: “What about if my spouse isn’t on board?” Jenny gives a perfect example of how to navigate a spouse not being on board. She held onto HER dream, without forcing her dream on her husband. She stood HER sacred ground, and held onto the belief, asking her unseen help to do exactly that…HELP. Well done!

(I had my own experiences with this in my marriage, which I talk about in my podcasts “Disappointment, Marriage and Miracles – Parts 1 & 2,)

A road block came when we met with the builder and he said they couldn’t start the design phase of the project until summer 2023! “That is way too far out” I thought. So after the meeting when I wrote in my journal about it I thanked him for being an amazing human that I would love to work with and blessed his business and said “The perfect builder and perfect timing are available to me! I will find the perfect choice! If he isn’t it, then it will be someone even better!”. 

Surrendering the outcome while holding onto our vision is difficult….in many cases, the most challenging piece of dreaming and reaching our goals. Let’s see how it worked out for Jenny….

The next day my hubby said “I’m so glad we have some time before we start planning our project. Lets try and pay for this addition in cash! And we’ll build all the things we want from the get go, rather than in phases. I’m really excited to work with this builder!” You could have knocked me over with a feather! (A purple one!)

“Well, okay” I thought, “I can be happy about that! I get to keep my timeline of beginning the building phase by the end of 2023 and the hubs gets to add his dream of paying for it with cash! Win/Win! Let’s do this!” So I contacted the builder, paid the deposit and wrote on the contract that our budget for the project is a million dollars! Which we don’t have and have never made before! No worries!

Sometimes it’s kinda fun to make the impossible come true! (Thank you Walt Disney!) So now to make a thousand thousands and pay for this dream with cash! I easily secure the financing I need! Thank you Lord, and ATI! Stay tuned for the ending of that part of our goal!!!

Way to go! I can’t wait to hear the ending. It’s going to be amazing!

(If you haven’t heard of ATI that Jenny mentions here, ATI (Achieving The Impossible) is a 12-month, group coaching program facilitated by me personally. Click here for more information and to apply for this program.)

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

I faced my fear of holding my son’s leopard gecko. It took me awhile to be comfortable and not let my brain picture him attacking me and biting me. He never did!! When I got more comfortable and could feel how gentle he is I was kind of embarrassed for myself and all the fear I’ve felt towards him.

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

Yes! Multiple times! The terror has shown up for me mostly as an opportunity to stand in my sacred calm center as storms of someone else’s strong emotions wash over me! I didn’t realize how quickly and easily I would retreat from my truth and my dreams just because someone else had a strong emotional reaction to them! I feel much stronger and more connected to my soul and its truth and beauty now!

Thank you for your beautiful example of staying true to yourself and your vision while also honoring your husband. Excellent work.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

Well, my go to has been to ask my unseen help what is true when I am facing a fear. I would encourage people to build that relationship with their unseen help in whatever way works for them so that they have something and someone to rely on when the emotions get overwhelming.

“Build that relationship with their unseen help….” Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Jenny, and we are all looking forward to hearing the rest of this story.



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