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I still remember how angry and frustrated I felt, crumbling under a relentless onslaught of setbacks, disappointments, and heavy blows, year after year. Looking around, nobody else seemed to be struggling so much. I thought we were good people, why did things have to be so hard?

Would we EVER get a leg up? Would we ever put our heads down at night with a peaceful, grateful smile on our face that things were finally turning around?

Particularly maddening were all the invitations we’d receive to learn something new, with promises that the information could change everything. Sure, each book, seminar, and meeting with a mentor kept us holding on to hope for another day, but real, permanent changes continued to elude us.

What were we missing?

After about 7 years of this, I had had it. I told my husband I was done. Done trying, done attending events. We could barely put food on the table as it was, I could no longer justify sacrificing so much for yet another training. I had even sold my wedding dress to help keep us afloat – one I made myself from just $100 worth of material and lace. I couldn’t be sentimental; we were in survival.

But along came another invitation, and deep down I knew I needed to be there.

Dang it. I didn’t want to go.

But I couldn’t get it out of my head. Finally I agreed to attend, but said it would be my last if things didn’t truly change after this. I would be done for good.

I didn’t know success training could be different from what we had experienced before. After seven years and over 100 different events, we pretty much knew how they went.

But this one WAS different. It was understated. It was borderline boring, even. But the truth bombs and simple explanations it delivered about the laws and principles connected to prosperity (and how to apply them for predictable results), were mind-blowing.

Could it really be that simple?

Coming away from that event, we didn’t double our efforts or amplify our activity… we simply changed how we THOUGHT about what we were already doing. New thoughts led to new ideas, and it (miraculously, as far as I’m concerned) resulted in tripling our income in three months.

Now, I’m no big stage guru. We’re not flashy over here. But after everything changed so profoundly for us, we couldn’t NOT do our best to dedicate our lives to helping others experience the same thing. That was over 20 years ago, and it’s still just as important to us today. That’s how profound the change was – its impact continues to ripple in our lives now, and in the lives of others.

I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with offers over the last few weeks, I know I have. And I’m sure there are more to come, because this season gets crazy that way. But I couldn’t move on with my day today without giving you one more chance, one more reminder, to take your next right step at our lowest prices of the year.

If you do nothing else, I strongly recommend the Genius Bootcamp Immersion program. It’s online, self-study, and 40% off right now, so you can soak it in on your own schedule, with no expiration. I’m confident you will find it just as simple and profound as that life-changing event years ago was for us.

Even if you’ve already done the regular Genius Bootcamp, get the Immersion version. It was captured and fine-tuned to make sure you get the best presentation of each important segment and best explanation of each concept it has to offer.

There may be a different next right step for you. So I encourage you to check out all our offerings on the list and follow your gut. Let 2024 be your year. What if everything really could change forever for you?

One student came into our programs with a broken car feeling unemployable and overwhelmed, caring for a special needs daughter. But God was preparing just the right opportunities for her in her situation, and she ultimately learned how to recognize and receive them, best of all, without compromising her priorities.

She is still her daughter’s primary caregiver, but no longer as overwhelmed, and earning money while she does it. She reported:

“These past 6 months I’ve been about changing my mindset. Setting priorities. And setting goals and achieving them! Absolutely life changing. A year ago, I would not have believed that I would have a full-time job, a part-time job and a new car now! Nothing is impossible dear friends. When I have a choice, I choose to believe.” – J.D., student of Guided Mindset Mastery, Genius Bootcamp Immersion, and Miracles Made Simple

Friend, I want to help you, too. I realize that even at our lowest prices of the year it can be a stretch. But what will it cost you in 2024 if things don’t change?

Let’s make the shift.

I want you to look back on 2024 as the year that everything finally changed for you. And if you aren’t ready to take a leap, at least read the sequel to The Jackrabbit Factor: Portal to Genius, it’s FREE. Read it again if it’s been a while.

I believe you’re going to see something in there you didn’t see before.

Warmly, Leslie

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That’s all for now. Grab something before midnight. Use code RFHOLIDAY. Until next year’s annual holiday sale… Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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