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this was unexpected

Hi Reader,

Back when this whole Genius Bootcamp thing started, I never expected to say what I’m about to tell you now…

Remember when my husband and I generated 43k with only about $200 in the bank, maxed out credit cards, and no paycheck in sight?

It was one, quiet GENIUS IDEA that literally saved us that month.

But the right idea at the right moment doesn’t just solve the immediate problem in front of you. It can also transform a life, a family, even a community, and literally impact generations.

Do you have a problem to solve?

Genius Bootcamp will walk you through the very same process we went through to find that genius idea that brought in 43k in one month.

It’s a PROVEN process for getting the genius ideas needed for your NEXT RIGHT STEP. It’s the same process that hundreds of participants have used since 2011 to solve difficult problems. Such as:

  • Generating thousands in one month out of nothing
  • Knowing the exact right thing to say in an interview
  • Sifting through confusing or contradictory health solution choices
  • Discovering that one brilliant idea that would transform a marriage
  • Parenting a child in challenging circumstances
  • and more….

But here I am now … more than a decade after our first Genius Bootcamp event kicked off … telling you that we FINALLY have additional format options to accommodate ANYONE’s schedule. No matter where you live, and no matter what your work hours are.

Check this out…

Registration closes soon!

  • 3-day Workshop
    July 14-16
    11am-5pm Thursday / 9am-5pm Friday / 9am-5pm Saturday (Pacific Time)
    Taught by Ann Ferguson via Zoom live
    $397 – learn more here (most affordable)
  • Independent Study online Immersion
    Start ANY time, go at your own pace!
    Taught by Leslie Householder via video recordings
    $497 – Learn more here (most flexible)
  • 8-week Group Study online Immersion
    Starts September 10th at 8am PT
    Taught by Leslie Householder via video recordings
    Weekly accountability, deep-dive discussions, and in-person Q/A
    Facilitated by Dawn Norton
    $597 – Learn more here (most in-depth)

How does it work?

You know how it feels, to yearn for a breakthrough. Maybe sometimes you feel like you’re supposed to be doing something more… but WHAT?

Maybe you already know exactly what you should be doing… but something’s missing. What IS that thing?

Or perhaps you’ve been trapped in anguish about the past, or fear about the future – and as much as you want to move on – you just can’t seem to figure out how.

What kind of shift could possibly make all the difference?

Genius Bootcamp helps you unlock the answers to these questions and many more. Come discover the genius solution that can change YOUR life.

Sometimes your answer shows up on day one, sometimes not until the last day, but if you trust your instructor to guide you through the Genius Bootcamp process, the answer WILL COME.

And the best part… your answers will be unique to YOU, and totally private (if you want them to be). Even your instructor doesn’t have to know what your problem is, or how it will be conquered.

Those answers come directly to you, from inside you. We simply create the environment, support, and training to help you recognize and TRUST the inspired answers when they come… and now, we finally have additional format options to accommodate everyone’s schedule!

If you already have a reliable way to get trusted answers to life’s tough questions, these insights and techniques will simply provide additional clarity and confidence in your decisions. The process does not replace anything you already do – it simply helps you become infinitely better at it.

Genius Bootcamp via ZOOM July 14-16

Virtual event with Ann Ferguson

Discover your genius from the comfort of your own home. Ann will walk you through all the same Genius Bootcamp exercises during this virtual three-day event. Set up a space to participate without interruptions, and you’ll be able to experience the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Reserve your virtual spot here

If you’re not available July 14-16, check out our Immersion course options here.
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