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Magically Perfect

Hi Reader,

Dawn writes:

“Sometimes, I mistakenly think that I can take a course, or read a book, or complete a difficult task, and I will magically become perfect. POOF! Then I discover, while I may have improved a little or sometimes dramatically, I am still just a human, being human…”

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Wednesday, July 20th at 12pm PT / 1pm MT

Do you have an author’s heart?

Are your fingers itchy and your mind playing one continuous loop of principles, stories, and title ideas?

The calendar boasts another book writing retreat, and you yearn to attend. But the dates come and go. Come and go. Come and go.

You wonder if it will ever be YOUR turn.

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Other free webinars:

  • Intro to Mindset Mastery Saturday July 9 at 9am PT – Register here
  • Awakening Your Genius Replay Access extended! – Watch here


Coming soon:

  • 3-day Genius Bootcamp July 14-16 via Zoom – click here
  • 14-week Guided Mindset Mastery Thursdays July 14-Oct 20 – click here
  • Creator’s Retreat Aug 10-13 – click here
“I have completed the [Guided] Mindset Mastery course with Dawn and it took a little longer to have my goal fully play out, but it has been accomplished now and I am applying for graduation!

“… the course was FANTASTIC. It brought the life back into me after a very difficult season. It ended up being perfectly timed … I have so much I could say about my experience, but I’ll leave it at that for now!” – Amie Verhagen


“I went into this course unsure what to expect, but knowing I needed to learn ‘how’ to think. I already recognized that I held a strong knowledge of the laws of thought, but it was also obvious to me that I didn’t necessarily know how to use this knowledge on purpose.

“I enjoyed reading the course material and often noticed my thoughts recognizing the same patterns in my own life. This recognition helped me to start becoming consciously aware of the power I have … My confidence grows as I use proper application of thought and practice what I have learned through the Mindset Mastery Program.

“My favorite part of the guided version of the course (besides the material itself) was the weekly class that kept me on track … It provided the opportunity for class members to ask questions or share experiences as many ‘a-ha’ moments (small and large) were had by all. It was amazing to be with a group of people united for one common goal.” – Sarah Young


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What will you discover next?

Mindset Mastery Q/A Blitz part 2 (podcast)

This is part 2 of 2 – an insider’s look into the Mindset Mastery Program. Participants submitted their questions and I addressed each one with tips, thoughts, and perspective that will leave YOU enlightened, comforted, and inspired on this crazy path to achieving your goals.

Let’s talk about relationship challenges in goal achievement!

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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