Rare Faith – When have I done enough?

When have I done enough?

Hi Reader,

I had the mindset that I could do anything, and that there was no such thing as doing “too much”. I didn’t always know how to temper my ambitions, because frankly, they helped me achieve some things that I was pretty happy about.

At what point I could say, “I’ve done enough”?

Sometimes my mortal body can’t keep up with the pace of my thoughts and expectations, so predictably I went through periods of unbridled ambition, followed by periods of crashing and burning, until I regained my strength to start it all over again.

But this cycle can be really hard on a family…

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In case you missed it:
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“…sharing your experiences … helped me relate and have courage to do my steps forward. I love you and thank you for the blessing and opportunity to grow with you…” – Diane Adams

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you do!! I’ve listened to all of your books and every single podcast episode … thank you for heeding God’s call and blessing millions by it.” [Well, I hope one day millions will be blessed, not sure we’ve impacted that many yet, but maybe one day.] “You have a bigger residual impact than you know. I guarantee it’s millions. I’m sure I’ll get to give you a hug someday. Plan on it! What will it feel like when….?” – Candice C.

“Leslie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the bonus lesson at the end of the Mindset Mastery class! I know that you thought a lot about whether or not to include it, but I wanted to share how much it helped me this week. … I’m so grateful that you shared your experiences and perspective when it comes to dreaming about what we want and asking the Lord what he wants for us. I needed to be reminded that I need to stay close enough to the spirit so that I can know when to press forward toward my dreams and when to step back or even let go of them. Thanks again, CL”


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Keep Calm and Watch What Happens (podcast)

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