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The following letter came to us from a student on 6/22/2022. Here’s an example of the thin threads that connect us with just the right people at just the right time. Believing that such coincidences happen more often than we realize is one way to grow your faith and become attuned to see more of these kinds of experiences in your own life.

Hello Trevan,

I always enjoy the Weekly Forum when you are in attendance. Really enjoy your stories.

I’ll share two stories of amazing coincidences.

I was traveling with an associate who was going to the same conference I was going to with Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Worre etc. We were traveling in my Toyota Tacoma.

I need to add some back story:

I was trying to save as much money as possible and got an offer to stay at a brand new hotel in Vegas. We would be the first guests to stay and they were running a special promotion that was amazing and on top of that you got an added discount if you were an AAA member. The value was worth it. I’ve kept my AAA membership since.

We were traveling south through Utah and just before the Scipio exit my truck just died. We had enough momentum that I was able to coast to the top of the off ramp. And on the right hand side there was a Dairy Queen I believe that was part of the gas station and what looked like a mechanic shop… Perfect.

I literally coasted down the hill to the front of this mechanic looking shop and asked for help. It ended up being a tire shop but they were able to inform me that my timing belt had come undone and my truck was not going to be getting a quick fix and on the road again. Well, what timing for having an AAA membership.

I called them and even though I was informed that it usually took 24 hours at least before membership kicked in they had my info in their system. While I was on the phone with AAA some guy in a pickup said Hello. I said hello back and continued to arrange for my truck to get picked up. The guy in the pickup said what’s going on?

I thought it was interesting that someone I didn’t know seemed to be so interested in what was going on.

I finished with my AAA call and walked closer to the truck. I saw past the guy in the passenger seat and saw my brother-in-law who lived in Twin Falls, Idaho. I asked him what he was up to and he had been servicing a farmer in the area with his Hotsy pressure washer unit. And he was teaching a new employee how to sell to the farmers.

…[M]y associate and I were able to load up our bags and jump in with plenty of room in a extended cab Ford 250 and were heading north back towards Tracy’s home and  to be dropped off on the way in Orem to get my associate’s truck within minutes of being “stranded” in Scipio.

Wow, the timing was perfect and a miracle and hopefully we could still make it to the conference. I was just enough miles away from my cousins mechanic shop in Orem that I didn’t have to come out of pocket for the tow. We got back to Orem and jumped in my buddy’s Toyota Tacoma and headed back to Las Vegas for the bulk of the conference and with a sweet story to talk about.

After seeing Bob Proctor’s presentation on the stick man…. I was just as amazed as you and Leslie were. Such great intelligence! Still have the pictures in my phone.

Now another story about my trip to Genius Bootcamp and that special dinner with you and Leslie.

Arizona is hot, you are well aware of this. I took off from my place in Orem in the evening before boot-camp started and started the drive to Gilbert I think. Anyway you could see the Gilbert Temple if I remember right from the hotel we stayed at. My truck was running great and I was driving kinda fast.

At 4am I got to Mount Carmel and again…. my truck came to a stop in front of Eric Esplin’s place who runs the Mt. Carmel motel and rv park.

However, no one was around at 4am. I got out and put up the hood and looked at what was going on. My truck was over heated for some reason. That had never happened with this truck.

Well, within 15 minutes or so a 4 wheeler comes down the road. It was Eric Esplin. He was out taking care of his water turn. He looked at my truck and found a big crack in my radiator. Another instance of a no quick fix. AAA comes to the rescue again and they answered the phone that early morning. I introduced myself … and Eric seemed to perk up.

I told him my dad was born in Alton, Utah up the road and he told me to follow him to his house just 50 feet away. He handed me the keys to a Ford Fiesta I think. One of Ford’s smaller cars. This car had no air conditioning, no way to charge my phone and it was filthy like a farm tractor. But I wasn’t complaining at his instant trust and gracious offer.

We didn’t talk much really. I thanked him before he could change his mind and got my stuff and put it in the car and took off. On the way to Kanab I honestly thought the car was not going to even get to Kanab. But the more I drove, the car seemed to warm up and it seemed the angels were making needed fixes as I drove. And once it got warmed up it would really go.

I was in shorts and a t shirt and I bought water and used up my power bank to keep my phone charged. I know I lost at least 5 pounds as much as I was sweating.

I called my parents and told them what happened. They couldn’t believe it but when they heard the name Esplin they told me I was related to the guy who loaned me the car.

I barely got to the Genius Bootcamp in time to put on fresh dry clothes and was on time by the skin of my teeth. AAA fixed up my truck in Kanab and on the way home I left the car in Kanab and bought a cake and dropped it off at the Esplin Home along with a $100 bill.

Eric was a bit surprised that I left the car in Kanab but it being Sunday they didn’t answer my calls and I explained what else could I do? Kanab is only about 30 minutes from Mt. Carmel. But Eric knew my last name and knew he could trust me with the car. He wanted me to buy it but I said no thanks because my truck was running like a top again. So grateful for that coincidence though!!

Since I was attending the Guided Mindset Mastery class I missed Leslie live. But I listened to it after the Weekly Forum and really enjoyed it. Tell her Thank you, and it was great to hear your stories tonight as well.

Sincerely, G.H.

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