Rare Faith – It feels like flying…

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It Feels like Flying!

Goal achievement: exhilarating, or scary?

Hi Reader,

I used to be afraid of flying. In fact, he more I flew, the more it bothered me. I seemed to grow increasingly aware with each flight that it was only AIR supporting that massive chunk of metal with me inside

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The Truth about Portal to Genius

Long before Garrett Gunderson became my co-author for Portal to Genius, I burned out and just wanted to focus on my family. I told my husband, “Garrett’s still passionate about this, and the work he’s done takes our message to a whole new level. He’s also got the energy to do the media appearances. What if we just put his name on The Jackrabbit Factor and let HIM be the one to get it out there?”

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From Wordy to Quote-Worthy – Wednesday, May 18

Take any idea and condense it into something quotable! Is there a book or blog in you? Even everyday social media messages can be more compelling when you apply the tips our Author Programs Director Stephanie Francom will share with you.

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“I hired a marketing coach …who told me about “The Jackrabbit Factor!” … I read it quickly in one setting and read it to my husband on a car trip the next day. I loved it so much and I knew that I needed to learn more about these laws! I then read Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures and loved them all! … I was excited to sign up for the Guided Mindset Mastery course and it has more than exceeded my expectations!! I am absolutely LOVING this class!! We only have two more weeks and I am so sad for it to end!! These laws … changed everything for me! … my favorite part is the Mindset Mastery Special Edition Hardback! It is truly a Masterpiece! I know this course is geared toward financial success but as you know these laws work for all areas of our life … I honestly find myself highlighting so much when I am going through these lessons that I think, ‘if I highlight everything nothing will stand out!’ …Thank you so much….” – Christy Lee, Sustainable Weight Loss

“I thought The Jackrabbit Factor was great. [But] Portal to Genius is filling in more than I realized it ^ needed. It was a fun read, and in the end it wrapped up loose ends I had forgotten about, because I was so wrapped up in the characters and what was happening for them. I highly recommend this book. Definitely worth your time!” Myla Johnson

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What will you do next?

Mission Impossible and Other Outrageous Lies

We all want to find and accomplish our unique life’s mission – one that will become our passion, purpose, meaningful contribution to the world, and ultimately, our legacy. The world would have us believe that we are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, or clever enough to discover and accomplish that mission. Not true!

This podcast episode will give you the advantage, insight, and empowerment you need to get on track with the inner peace of mind and confidence that you can and will succeed at whatever you are called upon to do.

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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