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Hi Reader,

Are you a parent, grandparent, or educator? Have you ever thought: “If only my KIDS could understand these principles!”


Join us for a FREE Class Tonight!

A Rare Faith Youth Programs Preview
Thursday, August 11 at 6pm PT / 7pm MT

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Our Rare Faith Youth Programs Co-Directors Robyn Young and Kristi Steidley are going to share how you can empower your kids with a mindset for success, PLUS you’ll find out how you can get our NEW Genius Bootcamp Immersion program for yourself FREE ($497 value).


What’s this about?

When you experience a shift learning the laws, naturally you want to share it with those you love. And while many parents know the laws would benefit their children, there are some who feel like they need something more accessible than The Jackrabbit Factor.

Parents and educators needed Mindset Training written JUST for kids.

Introducing Mind Your MIND: A Student’s Guide to Mindset Transformation.

For youth ages 12-18, a comprehensive learning experience based on the training YOU’VE come to love, with lessons, a workbook, and powerful activities. Ideal for busy parents, teachers, and educators, scripted for convenience!

For younger children, ages 5-11, we have Mind Your MIND Jr., introducing younger children to the concepts and vocabulary of Mind your MIND, preparing them for a deeper dive into these principles as they grow older.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to help your children or students understand the laws of thought (and learn them better yourself!), come see what we’ve created for you!

FREE Preview Tonight!

Thursday, August 11 at 6pm PT / 7pm MT

Click for the Zoom Link OR Replay

Teacher Feedback:

“When the kids talk about [Mind Your MIND], they light up!” – Heather P.

“The kids loved learning how our minds work. They loved doing the activities. We learned that we can change our thoughts to be positive.” – Rachel B.

Parent Feedback:

“This program has been a huge blessing in our house, and I can see things already starting to move for my kids. My wife and I are in the middle of a ton of stuff going on and I’m looking forward to the day that I can update you on our story and how God has blessed us as we put these principles into practice.” – Paul E.

Reader, your kids are worth it. I hope you’ll join us!

All the best!

❤ Leslie

Tonight’s class will be taught by Robyn Young and Kristi Steidley, our Rare Faith Youth Programs Co-Directors.

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