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About Self Doubt…

Hi Reader,

New Honors Graduate Leslie Williams writes:

“I have been ‘picturing what I want’ as far as the life I desire to live … I’ve been holding onto these things for a while… [but] …

“One day I was reading a goal-setting book that talked about how many people lack execution skills. … While I slept that night, I could feel the fear and self-doubt growing…”

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“This has been a most humbling spiritual journey. I have woken up daily embracing my life, feeling grateful for my blessings, and ready to take on the world. I have seen MANY miracles!!!…

“The day before Christmas 2021, my husband was driving home at 1:30 a.m. … I was waiting by our Christmas tree … when he limped his truck home, to tell him I was ready to move on with my life…

“Our marriage was not working well. He didn’t seem to want to be with me. I had done everything in my power to save my marriage, and said, ‘Thy will be done’ (left it in God’s hands.) I hate divorce…

“One of my goals [during the program] was to work on our relationship. … Miraculously, my husband had a wake-up call and decided he wanted to be with me. In April, we went on an unexpected cruise to Mexico (we had never done that before). It was amazing. …

“A year ago, my husband hardly ever came home, let alone spent time with me. This year, we have been together a lot more. We just celebrated our 37-year Anniversary. I am forever grateful to Leslie and her team for all their time and effort and sharing their knowledge and experience.

“All I can say is ‘let your journey for joy and living begin, because it’s worth it!'” – R.H., self-paced Mindset Mastery Course.


“For many years I have spent thousands of dollars on self improvement & breakthroughs. … After years of not much success in dozens of network marketing companies, I made the decision to NEVER, NEVER get involved in another one. A few months ago, in answer to fasting & pleading prayer about my financial situation I was DIRECTED to talk with a certain person. It all clicked, and now at almost 75 yrs. of age, I’m reinventing my life.

“I did Genius Bootcamp several years ago. …I have dug out all of my books, notes, etc from all of those things, including the Jackrabbit Factor … and am applying them & teaching my team. I really do feel like I’m starting my life over, mentally, physically & health wise!

“THANK YOU for your work, books, seminars & GENIUS in giving so much value to the world!! From one AZ girl to another!” – Patrice Fairbanks


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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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