Proper Perspective in the Face of Self-Doubt

Meet Leslie Williams:

I am pleased to announce Leslie as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate! Leslie is a kind and caring single mother, who is motivated to succeed. While she may seem quiet, she has a fire and drive within her that quickly sets her apart from the crowd.

Not only is she a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, but she is currently in training to be one of our own Rare Faith Program Facilitators, and we are blessed to be adding her to our team!

As with all of our graduates, I had a few questions:

What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

I set several Phase 1 goals; three of which came to pass. Initially, I had a challenging time wrapping my mind around what kind of inconsequential goal to set. When Kristi Steidley [Leslie’s Guided Mindset Mastery Facilitator] said, “What do you want to experience?”, that was helpful to me. 

This is a great example of one of the many benefits that come from choosing the Guided version of Mindset Mastery, where our students have the help of a trained and licensed facilitator during the course.

The first inconsequential goal was to receive a kiss on the cheek. I thought it would be really sweet. In my head, I figured I would receive it from my youngest son. The very next morning, a family friend came by the house unexpectedly to drop something off. On their way out they kissed me on the cheek and left. I stood still for a moment stunned. I was speechless that I had the thought and it came to pass so quickly.

The 2nd inconsequential goal I set was to see a butterfly. I had the thought and then dismissed it, doubting myself. I thought, “It’s fall and there are no butterflies.” Then a couple of days later, I saw a bejeweled butterfly on a student’s sweat jacket at the football game. I was amazed and troubled the student to take a picture of her jacket. As I wrote about it in my journal, I wasn’t certain if it counted or not, so then I decided to officially declare seeing a butterfly in an unusual way and I wrote it in my journal. A week later on Saturday, things were really busy. After my sons’ soccer games, my daughter asked to go to the store. We went right away so I could get home in time for my next meeting. We were in and out of the store quickly. As I was pulling out of the parking spot to head back home, I noticed a bejeweled butterfly on the gas door on the car next to us. Later that night, I was helping at an event at the high school, and a patron came to me with a bejeweled butterfly on her hat. A short while later, I noticed the 3rd butterfly on the notification for a new app I downloaded at my oldest son’s recommendation. Three butterflies in one day!! I was over the moon excited!

Notice here how she set her 2nd inconsequential goal to see “a” butterfly, but what she received was three butterflies? God often rewards us with more than we ask for, if we are just willing to receive it!

The 3rd inconsequential goal was to see the word “love” in an unusual way. I was in the process of getting new glasses. The initial glasses were bifocal to accommodate my changing eyes. I had trouble with them and had them adjusted, which required a couple different trips to the eye doctor. After the last adjustments, the glasses still weren’t right, so I was told to bring the glasses the same day for them to change my glasses to a single prescription. I sat in the waiting area for the technician to assist me. I looked up and saw the word “love” among the glasses. This was definitely an unusual way! 

Great work, Leslie, for noticing an unusual realization of your goal! When we successfully apply the laws of thought, we can be assured that, by law, we will receive what we desire, but it doesn’t always come in the way we were expecting.

As an added note here: since the requirements for our Mindset Mastery course only require achieving a single inconsequential goal, you might be wondering why she pursued three? While only a single goal is required, with every inconsequential goal achieved, confidence grows and it becomes easier and easier to set bigger goals. 

This is a perfect example of how you can give yourself more “evidence” of what’s possible with each Phase 1 goal that you achieve!

What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

“I am so grateful to have peace and quiet so I can focus and complete a training course in its entirety.” 

(Notice how Leslie had written her goal statement in present tense, as if it had already happened, and added feeling into the statement itself.)

What happened?

I selected my bite-sized piece of the short-term goal because typically I don’t finish online courses completely. In the past, I have been inconsistent and skipped over assignments. In addition to the ways I’ve lacked consistency in the past, I am a single mom, working full time, with 3 children at home.

My daughter is in color guard, and has been doing terrible academically. My youngest son has sensory processing disorder, which has it’s own set of challenges. I’m the Treasurer of the high school band boosters, so in addition to the treasurer duties, I’m needed at all of the home field events.

With a full schedule and lots of responsibilities, and my intense desire to improve my mindset and overcome my internal blocks, it was really important to me to maximize this program, do the work, and be fully engaged. Yet, knowing how full my days and weeks can be, I wanted to set myself up for success.


Leslie’s children


Do you notice the lack of emotion that she placed in her statement here of previous “failures”? She simply acknowledged that she had lacked consistency in the past, along with stating the reality of the very involved life she leads as a single mother. She did not assign any kind of negative meaning to it, but acknowledged it and then stated her desire to improve and overcome. The lack of emotion she gave to her past and the positive emotion she placed within her desired piece is exactly what set her up for success!

What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

Initially, I didn’t have an experience in facing a fear while going through Lesson 18. However, the lesson helped in the coming weeks, as I’ve had several times since then when I could feel the fear (or dis-ease) inside. Having this lesson in my mind provided perspective for when the fear and self-doubt did creep up and it enabled me to maintain a proper perspective.

Yes! “Maintain a proper perspective.” Fear and self-doubt attempting to creep in is normal, and Leslie gives a perfect explanation of how remembering the lessons and thinking truth in spite of appearances allow us to truly retain that proper perspective.

I have been “picturing what I want” as far as the life I desire to live, the kind of car I want, having a chef and a nanny, being financially independent, and more. I’ve been holding onto these things for a while. One day I was reading a goal-setting book that talked about how many people lack execution skills. I was completely challenged internally. While I slept that night, I could feel the fear and self-doubt growing in my body. (The physical manifestation of bumping up against the terror barrier.)

I woke up, I wrote in my journal right away. As I wrote, I acknowledge the conflicting ideas rolling around in my subconscious. Then I got excited because, as Leslie Householder said, the internal conflict and turmoil meant that I did it! I was successful in planting a new idea in my subconscious. So that meant all I had to do was keep moving forward!

If you find yourself stuck in this part of your goal achievement, the part where you are trying to understand those conflicting ideas and emotions, our Genius Bootcamp workshop is an excellent way to learn how to break this bondage cycle.

Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

I’m not certain if I can say I broke through the Terror Barrier during this course. Holding onto what I learned during this course, especially about the Terror Barrier, helped me prepare for how to handle the internal fear when it has risen.

I always feel things in my body and it rises up within me. Sometimes I know why, and sometimes I have to figure out why. It has been helpful for me to have a deeper understanding of the Terror Barrier, what is happening within me to create it, AND what to do about it. Having this knowledge is helping me counteract the negative pit in my stomach when it comes, and then it subsides and I keep moving forward towards my goals and dreams.

I love what you wrote about the terror barrier! It’s funny to see your uncertainty about breaking through the barrier, only to read on and see your mastery of what it feels like to do just that. You moved forward with your goals regardless, which is exactly what there was to do! Congratulations, and well done.

What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

To someone who is facing fear right now, I would encourage them with the Law of Relativity; “No situation or circumstance is good or bad unless it’s compared to something else.”

Comparing our situation to something much worse provides perspective on what we are going through or dealing with. With the proper perspective, we can think with a clear mind and make clear decisions about how to think about our situation. The mind is a powerful thing, and we get to decide how to use it in a manner that serves us and our lives. From the position of being clear-minded, we can decide what we are going to focus on and how we want to move forward.

“We get to decide.” One of the most powerful applications of the laws of thought, and an excellent example of choosing your own meaning to the data coming in around you.

Just today, my mom called me to share that she received a notice from the property management company for the rented house she moved out of at the end of January. She was shocked by the final bill and the inflated costs attached to certain items. She was not happy. I said, “It’s a good thing that Michael gets to pay for it.” (Michael is my brother). My mother laughed and her spirit lightened. She said, “You’re right”, and she remained in better spirits for the rest of the phone call.

My mother is a great example of how powerful it can be just to shift what you focus on.

Leslie wrapped up her program with these final comments:

I was eager to participate in the Guided Mindset Mastery class. On my own, I could feel an internal block and feelings of lack and limitations holding me back from achieving all that I have desired in my life and for my family. Over the prior year, I had read several books and engaged in conversations about mindset and how the inner world creates the outer world. I entered into the Guided Mindset Mastery program with the thought of changing my inner world, so that my outer world would also change.

Prior to participating in the Guided Mindset Mastery program, I had read the Jackrabbit Factor twice, as well as the Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures. I had watched many of Leslie Householder’s videos and listened to her podcast.

I even participated and complete the Foundations Course and Unlocking Your Potential. Even still, the Guided Mindset Mastery program was so impactful and insightful. I appreciate how Leslie Householder breaks down aspects of mindset mastery and the Universal Laws of Thought, and ties in parts of the book with additional explanations and examples.

I would highly recommend the Guided Mindset Mastery program to anyone who desires to get a handle on their thinking, whether it’s negative thinking, negative self-perception, or just out of control or erratic thinking. This program helps individuals take responsibility for themselves, their thinking and their lives; as well as providing empowering practical tools and exercises to practice what is learned.

Well done, Leslie! We look forward to your continued contribution as a Rare Faith Program Facilitator!


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