Rare Faith – A TRUE Portal to Genius Story (reader submitted)

A TRUE Portal to Genius Story (reader submitted)

Hi Reader,

What do you do if the mindset principles just don’t cut it anymore?

That was my (Leslie’s) question in 2009, when we found ourselves at the end of our resources, with about $200 in the bank, credit maxed, seven kids to feed, a portfolio of bleeding real estate investments, no job, and no paycheck in sight.

The Jackrabbit Factor principles no longer seemed to be doing enough.

But, by fighting to apply them the best we knew how – and believe me, it was a FIGHT to use them during the emotional hurricane raging 24/7 – we ultimately found peace IN the storm, and THAT’S when we started seeing miracles again.

That’s why Portal to Genius was born, to explain what finally made the difference.

Fast forward twelve years, and I receive an email from a reader named Lisa who affirms our hardships (and the story that came out of them) were NOT in vain…

Read Lisa’s story here…


Finally, mindset training for KIDS!


Coming in September!

Mind Your MIND: A Student’s Guide to Mindset Transformation

For youth ages 12-18, a comprehensive learning experience based on the training you’ve come to love, with lessons, a workbook, and powerful activities. Ideal for busy parents, teachers, and educators. Scripted for convenience!

For younger children, ages 5-11, we have Mind Your MIND Jr., introducing younger children to the concepts and vocabulary of Mind your MIND, preparing them for a deeper dive into these principles as they grow older.

Click here to be notified when we launch!

Purchase during our launch and you’ll ALSO get our NEW Genius Bootcamp Immersion program for yourself at no additional charge. See below:


A NEW way to experience Genius Bootcamp!

Our NEW Genius Bootcamp IMMERSION Program

Independent Study – the online, self-paced version of our signature Genius Bootcamp experience, taught by me (Leslie). Start any time, does not expire! Learn more…

Guided – an expert guide walks you through the Genius Bootcamp process, providing in-depth discussion, q/a, and accountability for 8 weeks. Facilitated by Dawn Norton. Meets weekly beginning Sept 10th at 8am PT. Learn more…


Our new Google Calendar view makes it easier to plan ahead!

  • 3-day Genius Bootcamp via Zoom! Two date options – Learn more
  • NEW Genius Bootcamp IMMERSION program! – Learn more
  • Sept 7-10 – Creator’s Retreat DATE CHANGELearn more
  • Mind Your Mind – NEW program for youth launches soon – stay tuned!
  • Oct 4-8 Facilitator Conference – for certified facilitators – Learn more


“…the principles you teach have really helped me see miracles! … You are my favorite author and one of my greatest heroes and role models. Recently I’ve been working through the self-paced Mindset Mastery course, and I’ve found myself thinking … ‘I wonder if there’s a way to adapt this to children?’ and ‘I wonder what I can do to teach these principles to my kids?’ … I was overjoyed to see the email about your new programs for children!” – Audrey J.


“For 15 years I have helped people … in Real Estate and the Stock Market, but I have discovered that those who actually make it happen have first experienced a significant switch in their mentality and attitude…

“I am convinced that this unassuming, but powerful story will actually facilitate that shift for those who are finally ready to live the abundant life, no matter what their vehicle to freedom may be. Furthermore, if they don’t know their vehicle, this will teach them how to find the ‘right vehicle and road map.'” – Mark Larson, best selling author of “Trade Stocks Online” and “Technical charting for Profits.”


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What will you discover next?

Teaching Children about Money (podcast)

Should kids get an allowance?

Amanda van der Gulik interviews me on how to apply the principles of prosperity while raising a young family, and how to teach children about money.

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

PS. Watch for an upcoming newsletter called “Choose ye this day…”

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