Rare Faith – Is it possible to cheat?

“Is it possible to cheat?”

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Is it possible to cheat in the Mindset Mastery course? Jenny Evans wanted to know. She added:

“Or maybe I should just use it as evidence of how well the principles work. Let me explain: I haven’t quite finished the first lesson. The inconsequential goal has barely been mentioned.

“Our courier who brings us supplies every day asks me this morning if I’d like anything from Lin’s. Usually I’d say no, but I decided I wanted some Bellavitano Gold Balsamic flavored cheese. He didn’t know what I was talking about. Fat chance I’d get it anyway….” Read more here…


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“Within a couple of weeks I received the promotion to Director and a sizable salary increase… I’d like to thank you for writing this book and helping the rest of us enlarge our vision.” Sincerely, A. Harper

“It has been one of the most incredible blessings in my life to have read your books, attended your seminar, and get these e-mails … Thank you for being an instrument in God’s hands. With much respect and gratitude, Lona”

Your book finally made the connection. I am off to improve my life.” Suz


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Reality is Not What You Think – Podcast

This is one of my earliest interviews about my book “The Jackrabbit Factor” with Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD. If you are frustrated about the way your life is going, this episode highlights points and principles that can change your reality as quickly as you intentionally apply them.
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