Rare Faith – It’s worth gold.

It’s worth gold.

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Jamie fully recovered from Stage lV kidney disease, depression, and cardiovascular disease in her early twenties through personal inspiration and mercy from God. Then she went on a short sabbatical of healthy living in 2018, found herself very ill again in 2019, and at death’s door in 2020.

However, because of God’s grace, a miracle of health happened. But she says the most important lesson from it all was learning to lean in and trust with all her heart in God’s will and timing…

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Text message sent to me recently from Dr. Paul Jenkins: “You’re in this one!” I Can’t Believe I’ve Interviewed All Of These Amazing People.
See video:

“I love the principles … I have seen miracle after miracle and they continue as I remind myself that a solution is only an idea away…

“Six weeks ago I knew that I needed additional income for some brain therapy that some members of our family needed post Lyme disease that was not covered by insurance. I also had school clothes and a trip home to Washington state to help my mother with dementia to plan for. I really didn’t know where all of the money would come from.

“But I wrote the following statement. ‘I am so grateful and happy that I averaged $600 a week all summer in income. The money blesses me with the ability to pay for Cereset, school clothes and going home…’

“Soon after, I felt prompted to run a special for work. For some context, I work as much as I want to… and in addition to kids at home still and a very heavy church calling I work about 3 hours a week to provide an extra $300 a week for our family. With what I had coming up, I needed to double that for a while.

“So I ran the special. I had enough people want it that within a few days I had $1000. I knew I needed triple that at least, but I chose to stay calm, to feel what it would feel like to experience everything working out.

“One day … I decided to lay down to rest … I had just started to drift off to sleep when my Venmo made the cha-Ching noise. … I hopped up to see who it was… to my surprise someone had paid for $3700 worth of packages!

“I literally just stood there and giggled in disbelief and awe over what had just happened. … I eventually made $5000 from the special I ran. I had the money for everything I needed, including the very important brain therapy.

“To this day I cannot contain my joy and immense gratitude over this. These principles work. And I will never stop telling people about it.” Amy A.


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When Change is Hard (podcast)

Dr. Paul Jenkins (the “shrink who expands your life”) and I discuss how to live and think so that the serendipitous encounters you need to achieve your goals become common and expected. When change is hard, it’s easy to get stuck. Come get a fresh perspective that will help you believe in the impossible, and find courage to step into a better life.
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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